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From Gamelion Studios comes one of the cutest, cuddliest and most adorable gaming applications at present: Crazy Hamster. Updated only around April of the present year, this little furry creature’s fun food-hunting adventure can be brought straight to your Android phones for a very good and low price of €0.50. Its current 10 MB 1.0.1 version is made available for Android phones that run on 2.0 OS or higher.

The graphics are super cute, but the storyline itself is as adorable as the crazy little hamster himself. The story’s game is set right before winter. Little hamster is getting all crazy worried because he forgot to store his food supplies, and is now scurrying across different lands in search for fruits. Since crazy hamster is so obsessed with finding and gathering fruits, he overlooks all the traps and obstacles in his path and puts himself in mortal danger. This is where player-intervention steps in.

Each player’s primary goal is to help keep the crazy hamster safe as he makes his way through the lands and fields to gather as much fruit as he can before winter comes. The game controls are fairly easy, and at the very start of the game, the crazy hamster runs blindly and wildly here and there, and to and fro in search for fruit. There are no buttons for movement, such as right and left or jump arrows, but tilting your phone works well enough to provide movement.

A brief tutorial is available to provide a clearer instruction though. It signals when the player should put out the fire, and when the player should build the bridge before the hamster falls. As the instructions imply, the player’s basic actions involve building bridges, extinguishing fires and proving boats for the crazy hamster to use in crossing the river.

Although the game is set in various worlds, and each with consists of several levels, the gameplay itself is utterly easy; and while the game’s animations and sound effects are really cute and funny, the lack of a more complicated goal and more features are sad drawbacks to this cute game.

What it lacks in deep substance and all the other great features, however, it makes up with its simplicity and cuteness. Another upside to this little game is the free updates the player gets whenever new worlds and levels are duly added to the game.

Crazy Hamster is, admittedly, not the kind of game that will have its players hooked on to playing it for several hours at a time, mostly because as much as it requires a bit of strategy, it isn’t at all that hard to play and win. But even so, this gaming application is great for kids and even for adults who need a short means of diversion and wish to tuck away somewhere and keep themselves occupied while everyone else busies themselves doing whatever it is they’re doing. The game’s download price doesn’t amount to much and the few cents spent on this adorable and fun game that people of all ages can go right out and play is deemed worth its cost.

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