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Gamelion is a globally renowned digital publisher and multiple award-winning gaming application developer of a number of famous home and mobile, as well as portable console games. Just this 22nd of June, year 2011, the afore mentiones developer has launched the latest version of its critically acclaimed puzzle game, Doodle Fit, and has announced that the current version playable on all Android phones that run on 1.6 OS or higher. Its 6.1MB version is available for download at a very affordable price of €0.99.

The player’s task is relatively simple. One only has look at the given set of shapes on the screen and fill it in with the corresponding block for that given shape. The player is provided with a ready set of blocks that come in various shapes and sizes, all made to form part of the bigger shape that fills the screen. The player then has to search for the specific layout through dragging the various blocks found on both the insides and the outsides of the shape to find the one that covers it fully. Once the player is able to use all the blocks on the screen and the whole shape has been filled, the level is completed and the player can then proceed to the next one.

The shapes the players are asked to fill are referred to as platforms, and in the current version, a total of 100 levels are available for the player’s disposal, and solutions to these reach to around 250 in number to increase the player’s interest in replaying the game and finding either easier or harder means of solving the puzzle. To date, the Doodle Fit gaming application is a puzzler which now has over 200 new and unique shape that its players would have the time of their lives solving, that’s for sure.

The game has two basic themes which they choose from. Both the Chalkboard them and the Notebook theme are lovely-looking doodle-style graphics though, and that alone marks as a big bonus for the current Doodle Fit gaming application. It is said that two more themes have just been added and that the developers have retained and yet highly improved the Hint features of the game. These hint features have always proven to be highly helpful and beneficial for the players especially when they start solving the harder and more complex puzzles.

Like most puzzlers, Doofle Fit lacks any leaderboard system and leveling up totally depends on the player’s ability to finish the current shape he has to solve. The player also cannot share his score via Facebook or any other networking site, for the matter, but he can still invite friends to play the game too. A multiplayer mode is still being suggested to the developer, and while there is still a lot of room for improvement, the Doodle Fit gaming application is already quite great as it is.

With its cool graphics and its unique variety of puzzles, puzzlers are bound to be in for a real treat.

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