Brand New Technology That Turned The President's Cadillac Into A Tank


The President of the United States is a massive target. There are people in the world who would love nothing more than to do him harm. It’s absolutely vital for the sake of the country that he remains safe at all times. That’s why Cadillac have provided him with one of the most indestructible cars in the entire world. It’s like something you’d on a construction site, or even in a war zone.

Cadillac have a long history of protecting presidents and have been doing it well since 1919. If people thought that previous cars were safe they are no match for the one you will see today. The reason there are so safe is the amount of special gadgets they have, which we can look at in detail now.

Doors of steel
The doors are armor-plated and an unbelievable 8 inches thick. When President Bush was in office they were still 5 inches thick. That’s almost double the thickness which only makes you wonder what it will be in 5 years time. If you’re wondering how much it weighs it’s more or less the same as the cabin door of a 747. And just to make sure no bullets can penetrate the gaps between the doors they have steel overlaps.

Bomb-proof windows
Imagine having windows on your car that could stop a bomb explosion. That’s really something. They are said to be almost 6 inches thick. The window of the driver is the only one that can open and this is still only a few inches. It’s just so he can speak to the secret service without opening the door. The new model has a lot more window space so there is a lot more visibility.

There’s no chemicals getting in
The entire interior frame is covered in material which will prevent any chemicals from getting in during an attack. There is also another cool interior feature that works a lot like a bank vault. Whenever the car is attacked it will automatically lock down and stop anything from getting inside.

Solid fuel tank
The fuel tank would be a pretty good target to aim for on a normal car. One good shot and it might go up in a flash, but not on this car. The fuel tank is also armor-plated. It’s also filled with a special foam much like race cars have, so if a bullet did ever hit the tank there is no way it could explode.

Tires that won’t suffer a blowout
The tires are made with Kevlar-reinforced material that is puncture-proof. Nothing will blow these baby’s out unless it’s something absolutely huge. They needn’t worry if the unthinkable does happen, because the rims are designed so they can drive at high speed on their own if the car needs to get out of there in an emergency.

Steel chassis
There is talk that it may be built with a truck chassis, just because the car and equipment weigh so much. If someone wanted to cause maximum damage they might think they could just plant a bomb under the car. Well it better be a nuclear one, because there is a 5 inch thick steel plate underneath the car which will prevent anyone getting hurt in a bomb blast.

James Bond equipment
It’s not just James Bond’s cars that come with special equipment. This one has a few surprises too: night-vision cameras, tear-gas cannons and pump-action shotguns are just a few of the things rumored to be inside the vehicle. You will like this one. There’s also bottles of the president’s blood stored inside in case he was ever to get injured in an attack.

Secret agent driver
You won’t see just any old driver in the car. The chauffeur is a specially trained secret service agent that can handle any situation in the world. He is equally adapt at fixing a problem at the side of the road as he is driving away in a high-speed chase. He also has access to some special equipment that’s secret.

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