Don't Waste Your Passion! Get Money & Fame Through A Blog


Everyone in this World has Passion

Every individual in this world has got talent of some kind. Humans beings cannot be without talent.

However, you have to convert that talent into your passion. So, once you start recognizing your passion, you will find success very easily in your life.

It is utterly wrong to say, a person does not have passion for anything. He might have, but it is hidden deep inside him.

You have to discover and bring it out.

Discover Your Passion within You

You could have passion for anything!

  1. You might love cooking!
  2. You might enjoy writing books!
  3. You might be mad about Music, Movies and Television!
  4. You might have passion for painting or photography!
  5. You might love to dance or sing!
  6. You might know how to date!
  7. You might have passion for games like Soccer, Poker etc
  8. You might love travelling and meeting different people!
  9. You might be a tech geek!
  10. You might love gardening or designing home, clothes etc

I want to say, your hobby could be for anything. Everyone learns something in his or her life.

It is not possible to mention all hobbies in single list. The above list is no way a complete list.

You do not have to learn something new or difficult because you already possess some great qualities.

You just have to bring it out.

What is a Blog?

Now, how do you bring out your inner passion or talent?

Well! The best way to do is through blogs. A blog is a best way to express oneself. In fact, it is like your personal dairy, where you pen-down daily events.

Blog is the most efficient way for communicating with the people around the world. Anyone could start a blog. Today, blog is the most powerful platform for a common man, who remains unheard because of corporate-driven mainstream media.

However, in blogosphere, an individual’s blog could easily beat blogs of a multi-national company. That is the power of a blog and it is really free to get started.

Blog Your Passion

Once you have registered for a blog, start blogging about your passion or hobby. In a blog, you communicate with your readers in an informal manner. You need to build a conversation with them.

Next is, identifying other bloggers, who are also writing or blogging, just like you. You have to follow them and find out, what are all those areas, on which they are not being able to write. You need to touch those areas and write in your blog.

In a short period of time, you will become popular among your readers on the internet. One key thing about a blog is that, it is like a beast and you have to keep feeding it, hence blog regularly.

Instantly Become an Internet Celebrity

You would become a celebrity among your readers, if your blog goes viral all over the Internet. Your name as a blogger will spread all over the internet like a wild fire.

You will be appreciated not just in your blogging community but also by your readers. You will enjoy the fame like other famous bloggers on the internet.

Becoming famous is not that difficult provided your blog could rank high on Google.

Start Piling-Up Big Bucks

Being famous had always meant more money. You will start piling up dollars in just few months. You will be bombarded with offers from advertisers.

And biggest of them is Google itself. You can integrate their Adsense program and earn thousands of dollars every month.

Similarly, there are other advertisers, who are ready to pay big bucks. Moreover, you can charge money from advertisers for showing their ads on your blog.

Still, there is a lot of Money to be made through blogging. In fact, it could run in millions of dollar.

Hence, with blogging you get both fame and money.


In conclusion, I would like to say, if you have passion for something then do not waste it. You can convert your passion into a blog.

Eventually, that single blog could help you to earn millions of dollar every year.

Start blogging now!

Priya N is a blogger who writes about Government jobs on about part time blogging. You can also find lots of useful career tips on this blog.

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