2 Cornerstones Of A Successful Online Marketing Campaign


Are you struggling to gain traction with your online marketing campaign? Do you need tips or tricks to generate more leads for your business? Intelligent online marketers know that improving your campaign means thinking it through. Let’s face it: few people succeed online. The majority are quick to run through their daily routine, rarely giving thought to why they do what they do.

This is why so many fail with their online campaign. The few successes simple take the time to intelligently plan their campaign, and tweak their strategy when necessary. Spending time away from your computer is as important as working online. Why? The planning stage makes or breaks your marketing campaign. How you decide to approach your plan, how you decide to set up your strategy, makes all the difference in the world.

Really spend sustained periods of time thinking through why you want to set up your campaign. What type of business do you want to share? How do you intend to share the opportunity? Will you use paid or free methods to spread the word about your business? Answer these questions to gain a better idea about how you plan to proceed with your strategy.

Create More Content

Content is the ultimate online currency. By creating more content you expand your digital footprint and establish your authority. By becoming an expert in your niche your marketing campaign generates some serious clout. This means people take a step back and actually listen to your message, and as more people listen your internet marketing campaign gains some real traction.

Write blog posts which teach individuals from your target market how to solve their problems. By solving problems on a persistent basis you naturally magnetize yourself to people who seek these solutions. Be patient. You often need to write helpful blog posts over a series of weeks to become more magnetic to prospects, but the sustained effort is worth it.

Shoot videos and upload to sharing sites. Build your brand and gain the trust of your target audience by showing that yes, you are a real, living breathing person who can connect with individuals through the most engaging online medium.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy which makes your websites more attractive to search engines. By using niche specific keywords in your blog posts you can more easily connect with people interested in your offering. This is a quick and relatively easy way to turbo charge your internet marketing campaign.

You know most people are lazy, so simply putting forth the effort to include a few niche specific keywords in your blog posts or videos will quickly put you ahead of the crowd. Most entrepreneurs explain away that SEO is a waste of time, or they use some other lame excuse. Meanwhile, the person who used keywords in each blog post and video they create is reaching the first page of google and generates massive passive traffic through search engines.

Put in the time now when learning and applying SEO and you will see tremendous long term returns. Few people do this but that is why few people establish a passive element to their marketing campaign.

Create persistently to stand out from the online marketing crowd. Few people really create so you will easily improve your campaign by writing even 1 blog post daily and shooting a few videos each day. Use SEO to target your marketing campaign, helping you perform well in search engines and generate targeted traffic.

Use these 2 tips to improve your online marketing campaign today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who has written extensively about ways to properly market your business online; follow the link to learn more about software products that allow you to send files and other tasks that may help you run your business.

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