7 Reasons the Android Totally Rocks


7 Reasons the Android Totally Rocks

The Android may not be the absolute most popular phone on the market, but in comparison to hot ticket items like the iPhone, it runs a close second. Not everyone is as in love with the Apple iPhone as the rest of the world – and that’s OK. Thankfully there are alternatives for those who would prefer a different brand and service provider. Here are 7 reasons why the Android rocks – and why you should totally give it a try.

Larger Screen Sizes

The iPhone may look crisp and cool but that doesn’t mean it’s rather limited 3.5 inch screen is easy for the average person to read. When shopping for Android phones, you’ll find a number of brands offering screens as large as 4 inches – sometimes more. It’s not only easier on your eyes, but will make your web browsing and movie playing experiences more pleasant, too.

Enhanced Voice Control

Voice control with the Android goes quite a bit further than “call mom.” With an Android you can use your voice for quite a number of functions – including emails and minute-by-minute Tweets. This enhances the hands-free experience, which is great for those who are actually conscientious about the way they use their phones in the car or in public.

High Definition Video – On Your Television

Have you been dying to watch an HD movie at home? Many of today’s Android phones have a HDMI port that will allow you to plug your phone right into your TV for a large-screen viewing experience!

Increased Storage Capacity

With an Android, your storage capacity isn’t limited by what the manufacturer installs when your phone is built. Many Androids come with removable SD card slots, giving you the option to swap out your disk for something with a larger capacity whenever you want. The number of songs or videos you can store becomes almost limitless.

Reasonable Costs

Even the most expensive Android is less expensive than the newest version of the Apple iPhone. Besides, Android developers are more likely to upgrade their operating systems so that their users don’t feel like they have to run out and buy the latest and greatest version of the phone every single time something new is released – especially considering Apple seems to add features that could have easily been integrated into earlier phone versions.

Google is Gaining Momentum

The truth of the matter is that Google is developing tons of applications and platforms for Android phones. While they’re not creating the phones themselves, they’re becoming a name to trust. That said, more and more cell phone carriers are willing to carry Android phones for their consumers to consider.

Freedom of Choice

Which brings us to another point. Because the Android is gaining the respect of so many carriers, you now have more choices as to what carrier you’d like to use with your phone. This means you have greater capacity to choose plans – and prices – during this tough economy.

At the end of the day, the choice between an iPhone and an Android is totally yours. We just hope you don’t get caught up in the iPhone hype and will consider giving the Android a fair look when you start your comparison shopping.

About the Author: Deborah Blair is a full-time writer and blogger with a passio for health, wellness, finance, and technology. She enjoys comparing different cell phone options and carriers and is a regular contributor at

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