The Asus Eee Pc 1001P -Mu17 Report


The Asus Eee Pc 1001P -Mu17 Report

The Asus 1001P is a slick product that is well configured with a generous keyboard and a durable battery life and offers a pretty good value. It also ships with useful software value minus all the unnecessary clutter that litter most netbooks. The price also plays to it’s advantage. The single touchpad button and a small hard drive are notable drawbacks to an otherwise aggressive effort from the company that ultimately pioneered the netbook revolution.

Most of the netbook market centers on the design, usability and the all important trait of performance, but the price has always taken the back burner. It is this very issue of price that the 1001p attempts to address with its cheap price of about 299 US dollars, that added with its luxurious looks and a six -cell battery that can clock eight hours on a charge, you begin to understand the challange that Asus has thrown to its rivals.

The device features an intel atom N450, an integrated 3150 GPU, an imbedded one giga byte DDR2 memory and a painfully small 160 GB hard drive. The 10.1 inch netbook also comes with three USB, a single VGA, one AC, one 10/100 ethernet jack and a single SDHC slot. Also in its armour is a single in/out and a pretty useful kensington lock port. The netbook tops 2.79 pounds when stuffed with a six cell battery, but can be made a tad lighter (2.74 pounds) when you use a three cell battery.

The component comes with microsoft works and also offers a sixty -day trial version of the office 2007 and the chart icon skype. Its lack of the unnecessary things like abay and some defunk google software is a welcome change in the machine. The device also gives great webcome performance and clocks a comendable time when playing flash video. The Asus 1001p will not disappoint you with its touchpad that is well adjusted and elliminates niggling problems like accidental clicks on the tabs. The other notable advantages are its great operating system and its gaming and photo portfolios that can outdo most in the market.

Its drawbacks includes the fact that it can misbehave when performing online flash gaming, below per video performance and the lack of access to the hard drive. The device is not good with the SSD. All these factor contributed to its below per score of 34 on thw WorldBench 6 test.

The Asus 1001p appears more to be suited to the office than to leisure. It also appears to have made many concessions, abeilt some good ones, in order to subsidise the price. But in the end it has come up with noteworth product that can hold its ground against most in the market, especially with its ultra low price. All in all it is a fair product that merits Asus’s standing in the market.

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