Managing Attendance With Zigo


Managing time and attendance in the workplace can be a time-consuming task for the Small to Medium Enterprise; some organisations use automated time-keeping systems while others do it manually. The advantage of automated time and attendance tracking systems is that they automate data tracking and attendance reports. With a clear understanding of the processes involved in tracking employee attendance, has launched a new cloud based software to track leave days, set leave policies and further develop according to employee needs.

Small businesses often have difficulty in ensuring minimal errors, uncovering time theft and ensuring compliance to strategies. Moreover, regulations and leave entitlement are elements of HR Management employees need to fully understand and comply to. The software new Zigo Leave Management System allows employees to apply for leave online; depending on whether they have sufficient days and someone is there to perform their duties, if need be, the system will reject or accept the application. In addition, the system also reminds employees how many days they have remaining.

Managing Attendance With Zigo

Here are some tips to effectively use the Zigo Leave Management System:

  • Organise all of your available data and information, and use this as a base to formulate a leave policy; this include all available information on South African leave processes
  • Explain how the system works to the employees through a training workshop and ensure that they fully understand how it works
  • Continually review your leave processes, leave trends, frequent absenteeism and set a baseline to ensure that the system is effective and in line with the overall business strategy

Zigo is fast becoming the hub of innovation is HR, and hopes to develop the software to meet the needs of small businesses. The website is also a leading South African job aggregator that collects jobs from a range of websites, this simplifies the job hunting process for applicants as they look for jobs on a single platform. If you are looking for a job in HR and other industries – this should be your first stop.

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