Factors to Consider When Buying Street Lighting Poles


Street light poles have a number of functional benefits. The biggest advantage that they offer is that they help to prevent accidents from happening. When the streets have adequate lighting, people can see where they are going, and thus fewer accidents tend to occur. If you have a business, street lights can also be advantageous to you, as they can be used to hang signs or banners promoting your company. If you are in the market to buy street lighting poles, there are a number of important factors that you must take into consideration before shelling out your money.

Probably the most important factor of all, taking the location into account is absolutely essential when determining if, and what types of street lights you should be purchasing. For example, if you’re in an area where there is no traffic, the lights will not serve any kind of practical function. Choosing a poor location to put up street lights can also potentially cause harm to the environment. There is a body of scientific research showing that street lights can interfere with the migration patterns of certain bird species. If there is an observatory nearby, the lights can also interfere with the function of telescopes.

However, just because there’s an observatory nearby does not necessarily mean that you can’t put up a street lighting pole. It just means that you should opt for low pressure sodium lamps, rather than the usual mercury lamps. This is because the lighting from the sodium lamps is less intense, and thus less likely to interfere with telescopes, or cause damage to nature.

Of course, the type of street lighting pole you choose to get will depend on what purpose you intend to use it for. If you need lighting for security reasons, you will probably want to go with a sodium vapor lamp. These lamps have a special lens that extends the lighting to an extra wide radius. One potential drawback to this is that they can cause a lot of glare for drivers who are passing by. Therefore, you must weigh the importance of your security versus the amount of potential inconvenience that will be experienced by vehicles driving through.

These days, companies are coming out with street light poles that have the ability to regulate their own level of light output based on the amount of usage they receive by sensing the movement of pedestrians. If you can afford them, these lights may actually save you money in the long run because of their efficient energy use.

Anyone in the market for street lighting poles should speak to G&S Industries, an Australian based company providing outdoor lighting solutions across a range of applications.

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