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Windows 8 is now widely used among the world. Following this trend, AOMEI Partition Assistant also updates to version 5.2. Among these editions, the most attractive part may be the freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, whose previous version is AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition. This time, AOMEI makes some improvements on the Home Edition.

All features of the New Version are?

Convert between NTFS and FAT32

Fully support UEFI boot

Partition Alignment

Convert to MBR Disk

Convert to GPT Disk

Make Bootable CD on Windows PE 4 kernel

Support Ext2/Ext3 Linux partition

Multi-language support

FREE for Commercial Use

 Main Interface


Above the listed function, conversion between NTFS and FAT32 is new added, and the conversion between MBR and GPT disk function is from the Pro Edition, which also supports to convert FAT 32 to NTFS file system, but it’s difficult to do vise via. The wizard “NTFS to FAT32 Converter” can easily realize the task of conversion, and can do it without loss of any data. Below is the detailed information of this tool which does not exist in the previous edition:

*  Safely convert NTFS to FAT32 without losing data

*  Format or Reformat to FAT32 partition from NTFS on the basis of ensuring data security

*  Support the size of partition with NTFS larger than 32GB for converting to FAT32

*  Automatically decompress the compressed files featured with NTFS at a high speed

*  Decrypt the encrypted files featured with NTFS at one time

*  Support NTFS partition with the maximum capacity of 2TB – New Feature!

*  Easily and efficiently reach the conversion by few clicks to realize the operation

Apart from this feature, GPT disks break is also an outstanding feature, because it breaks the limitation of MBR disk size of 2TB. It can complete the partition unconditionally, no matter how the number of partitions grows, but now this function is available in the Standard Edition.

There’s another function I would like to share is the “Partition Alignment”, which is specially designed for SSD and HDD users. It improves the speed of disk reading and writing. Actually it was first exists in the paid edition and automatically aligned. But now it’s free and can be directly chosen from the “Advanced” menu.

With all the function mentioned, this software is beyond the name of Home Edition. I think that’s why AOMEI changes to Standard Edition. Besides this freeware, the support service is also free, which is of equal importance to software functions in this time.

AOMEI has made huge progress in the new version. Compared to other freeware, many functions are unique, like the convert NTFS and FAT32, GPT and MBR disk, free for private and commercial use with technique support, etc.

Mother’s Day is coming, and it is a good choice to download this freeware as a Mother’s Day gift. You won’t regret for having this new version.

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