5 Awesome Survivalist Gadgets That are Handy in a Jam


With so many innovations hitting the market every week of the year, it’s no surprise that there are new ones that could save your life in a jam, or at least be incredibly helpful. Here are the new tech devices everyone would hope to have in an emergency situation. Buyers beware: some of these devices might be too odd to ever prove useful!


WHAT: Tsunami Shelter

PRICE: $3,900


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This tsunami shelter was prompted by recent tragic eventsin Japan. The engineer, noteworthy Japanese craftsman Shoji Tanaka, has already taken more than 600 orders for his egg-like contraption that purportedly saves up to four people from tsunami conditions.

K-Light Lantern

WHAT: Portable Power Station

PRICE: $55 – $70


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The K-Light Lantern is a nifty little gadget designed to withstand in even the most rugged adventures. Weighing no more than a 16 oz water bottle, this little guy packs a lot of punch. Not only can it light your path during times with no electricity, but it can also charge your cell phone or other devices during times of crisis. Thanks to its eco-friendly rechargeable NiMH batteries and rugged exterior, the K-Light Lantern is a great companion to have for boating trips, camping excursions or emergency situations.

SPOT Connect

WHAT: Satellite Communicator

PRICE: $170 + $100 in Annual Fees

















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Before hitting the double-black diamond slopes in Park City this year, make sure you invest in SPOT. This handy device allows you to send SOS signals to emergency teams, and even upload short messages to friends and family via an iPhone app. SPOT has famously been used by professional snowboarders who are helicopter-dropped into unknown mountain ranges, and by professional survival teams. This cool little gadget also tracks the speed and direction of your movement for your later enjoyment.


WHAT: Underwater Communicator

PRICE: $1,500









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Like SPOT of the seas, this device helps scuba divers and swimmers to be tracked by emergency teams. It is great for those who want to free swim away from boats and get lost in the great blue unknown. Owners of the UDI can use it to track their boats, gauge how far they are drifting per minute, and set a timer to tell them when their oxygen will be low and when their dive is up. No one will be left for shark food using this handy gadget!

Tactical Sammich

WHAT: Delicious Long-Lasting Snack

PRICE: $5.99


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On the comical side of survival, there is the Tactical Sammich. It packs 300 calories that are guaranteed to stay fresh and tasty for up to two years, regardless of surrounding temperatures and conditions. The next time a plague strikes you won’t be out foraging for food when you have the Tactical Sammich! Sadly, it only comes in two flavors, so you’d better really, really like BBQ or pepperoni. On second thoughts, you might want to get a few MREs from the military goods store, too.

Survival is rarely a matter of chance. People who survive have planned carefully and made preparations for emergencies. With the help of the devices in this list you could be one of the lucky few who are left to repopulate a savaged planet, or at least one of the ones who survives a power outage.

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