When To Redesign Your Website


When searching the Internet for any topic or product, you are brought to a list of various sites. If you go into these sites, you may find that some of the sites have old content and outdated pictures and could probably use some updating. This is something that should be done with all sites at some time in order to ensure that they have current information, but how do you know when to redesign your website?

One thing to consider when deciding whether or not your site needs to be redesigned is what the purpose or use of your site is. If you have a website because your are selling a product or you use it for your business purposes, then you will want to make sure that you are making updates to it periodically. If the website is for your own personal use, then you can make updates to it as you see fit.

The design of your site is not the reason that people visit it. They come to your site for the product you are selling or the information that your site contains. Although the look of your site can help to attract people to it and keep them in it longer, the content is the reason that they keep coming back. If the setup of your site is difficult to maneuver within and information that people are trying to find is not readily available, then it is time to redesign your site. You want to ensure that your site is easy to move through and the information they are looking for is easy to find.

In order to determine whether or not you should redesign your website, you need to take a good look at it from a customer’s perspective. When you look at your site, do the pictures and graphics you have look old and outdated? If so, this is an indicator that you should do some updates. Ensuring that everything looks new and bright will help with the appeal of your site. Again, this is not the main part of a site, but if a new customer comes to your site and the graphics are discolored or distorted, it will immediately tell them that the site is outdated and will often times turn them away from it.

Another thing to check into is the number of times someone gets to your site and almost immediately goes back to the previous site. There are bound to be some people that will get to your site and leave because they accidentally went to the wrong site. But if there is a high number of people that quickly leave your site, you will want to consider redesigning it. Looking at the average length of time spent within your site is another indicator as to whether or not you should redesign your website. You can assume that the longer the average amount of time spent on your site is, the better your site is. If the average person is not spending much time within your site, you will want to redesign it. It could be that your site is difficult to maneuver within, which will make people shy away from it, or the looks of it are not that appealing to people.

If you have a website because you are selling a product, you will want to redesign your site in order to try and stay ahead of the competition. Selling products online can be difficult enough, but then you add in the fact that there are probably others online trying to sell the same type of products. In order to stay ahead, you will need to ensure that your site meets the needs of your consumers and has just as much, if not more, than your competitors’ sites do.

All websites at some time need to be redesigned to some degree. By taking a look at these various reasons to redesign your site, you will be able to determine when you should redesign yours.

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