Top Cloud Storage Applications for iOS Users


Every owner of an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch takes advantage of the free iCloud provided by Apple. After all, it would be stupid not to take advantage of something that is completely free and allows you to sync your contacts, documents and emails, so that nothing gets lost. More people prefer using the iCloud, but there are many free cloud storage services out there and many of them are far better than the iCloud.

Google Drive

Google Drive isn’t new. This is basically the old Google Docs application with a new name. Its essential functions are the same, but the unique iOS access makes the application the perfect choice for users of the Apple products.

Google Drive also offers a helpful two-say sync function which allows you to work on your files from anywhere – via a web browser or the iOS application. All your information can be accessed directly from your Google account, so you don’t have to remember additional usernames and passwords. Google Drive is definitely another useful feature by Google and you won’t make a mistake if you rely on it.


Xsync isn’t exactly a cloud storage application, but it offers some very interesting features which most users find useful. This application aims to turn your iPhone into a cloud storage hub, allowing you to easily share your files. It also offers Dropbox integration, so you can combine the famous cloud storage service with Xsync and add some new features to your iPhone.

Xsync allows you to share content in various ways, but the most interesting method is definitely the QR Code generation. The QR Codes lead to specific Dropbox files and the best thing is that the other user doesn’t need Xsync to download your content – all he needs is QR Code reader application.

Sending files between devices is also very simple when using Xsync and can turn your iPhone in cloud hub storage for all types of files and content. The Xsync is a simple, function and powerful application which can add many interesting features to your iPhone.


The SkyDrive application is one of the most unexpected cloud storage applications when talking about iOS, because it is created by Microsoft. Thankfully, the famous software company decided to offer support for iOS users as well and SkyDrive is one of the most useful cloud storage applications if you deal with Word and Excel files.

The cloud storage application fully supports the most popular word processing package and it is the perfect choice for anyone who likes to work while on the road. Sharing and uploading files from your iPhone is also very quick and easy, so this is definitely a cloud storage app which won’t disappoint you.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services out there and most of you are probably familiar with it. Anyway, here are some of Dropbox’s pros.

The multi-platform access is certainly one of the biggest advantages of Dropbox – this allows you to access your files from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Sharing files with other users is also pretty simple, because you don’t have to attach them to the e-mail. Instead, you can send a link to the file and save yourself a lot of time.

If you are looking for the best cloud storage reviews and services then don’t forget to visit this site and choose the best one to cater your storage needs.

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