Top Android Games for Your Brain


Importance of Playing for Brain Development

Ever wondered why they say that ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’? The idiom reflects wisdom attained by generations and underlies importance of ‘playing’ in proper development of a child. This observational value of playing has also been confirmed by several well-defined scientific studies.

Furthermore, present research has demonstrated better child development if education is imparted in ‘fun’ way. This stands true even for grown-ups / adults. Playing always helps a person both physically and mentally. Modern technology in the form of Android devices has enabled us to play whenever we have time and thus, exercise our brain muscles.

Top Android Games for your Brain

Utilizing basic research analytical tools, we analyzed presently available Android games on the following two parameters (refer to Figure 1) –

  • Required time to play a particular game
  • and brain exercise performed during the play time



This is one of the world’s most strategic games. One can develop good brain power if he/she plays it routinely. As you will be playing against a device, you will have an option to select the strength of your mental competitor.

However, chess takes a lot of time if played in no time-limit setting. If you are short on time you can simply choose how many minutes you have till you can play your chance.


This word game not only tests your vocabulary strength but also increases your brain power as you will be constantly thinking which word to choose to gain maximum point for yourself while creating less opportunity for your virtual competitor. In terms of time, it can be similar to chess if played under no time-limit setting.

Card games

In this busy life, we might not be having time always to play time-intensive games like Chess or Scrabble. Here comes the usefulness of card games. These games can be completed in short time but require a lot of secret statistical calculation.

There are many variants of card games these days and most of them are available as free Android games. Blackjack, Solitaire, Rummy are some of the most popular card games. As card games are inherently very addictive, caution is advised to not overplay.

Racing games

These are perfect games if you have ample time but don’t want to be brain drained. The most popular ones in this category are car racing games. Nevertheless, you can easily find Android games on bike racing, plane racing etc.

An important benefit of racing games, proven by scientific means, is to increase concentration of an individual. This has been shown to have positive impact on ADHD children, children suffering from low mental concentration.

The available Android games can be a good way to unwind yourself and also to exercise your brain muscles. Your choice of game should be based on your assessment of available time and energy. However, do not let these games take over you as these have potential to harm your physical and mental health. Sometimes, they can even spoil your social life.

Author bio: is a unique puzzle game online where you get to challenge people of all ages with your own questions that the whole world is trying to answer and uncover the picture, which will be revealed at the end of the game. GlobalPuzzle aims to bring wisdom and will change your worldview. Follow GlobalPuzzle on Facebook.

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