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The Internet and the webpages that populate need links in order to establish a hierarchy of who is important and who is not. Search engines tell us who we should be listening to and who is not worthy of our time by presenting the best websites first in their search engine results page (SERP). The problem many good website owners have is making sure we know they are presenting quality material.

The Evolution of the Internet
When someone talks about the evolution of the Internet, it can mean many things. In this instance, I am specifically referring to the evolution of popular websites. Back in the good old days of Netscape navigator, anyone with a text editor could knock up a web page. Every website had the potential to become one of the most visited pages on the Internet. Many big companies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on offline advertising to distinguish their websites from the chaff. Investors lost heavily on wildly over-priced stocks. These days, making the next big thing is not as simple as a certain film about a gifted college student may have you believe.

Making People Notice you is Easy, Staying Noticed takes Effort
To be noticed, you first need to create something of interest. Even if your industry includes the most mundane of subjects, you can bet that there are people interested in reading about those mundane tasks. Many Internet marketers love making websites that target subjects that are little known, or have a very select audience. This is known as niche marketing. Instead of battling it out with a thousand other websites to compete in a saturated market, it is easier to find success in a market that few people are paying attention to and perhaps is searched on less on the Internet.

If your business is something with little competition, you may be able to get away with creating a website, putting a few pages of text so that the search engine can detect your subject and then offering a service. If your business has little competition in your area, you could be on to a winner. The problems arise when there is just a little competition. If a potential customer goes on to their Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or any search engine and searches for something that is relative to your business, the most recent and relevant instances will generally be presented to them.

Benefits of a Guest Blog
There is really only one way to make sure your website is presented in front of the competition and that is by running a consistent series of blogs. Blogs on your own website are a great way to show off your industry knowledge, engage your customers and build a reputation that fifteen years ago would have been purely word of mouth. By using a guest blog service, you provide content to other website owners who will publish the blog your writer provides, only if they think the work is of sufficient quality for their website. When you have people in your industry give your knowledge the thumbs up by publishing your text and a link to your website, search engines automatically assume your website acts as an authority in the industry. In order to maintain that authority, businesses need to consistently market their knowledge by blogging and guest posting.

Why use a Professional Blogger?
Many people think they can get away with writing their own material, building their own relationships with websites for link building and they generally don’t trust anyone else to do a good job. In the real world, this is completely unrealistic. Just like sales, marketing, production and human resources, the business of writing is run by professionals. The forging of relationships, the art of writing for the web and measuring of results is a specialist’s business. All of this takes time and costs money and that is why it is unheard of for someone to put together a website and strike gold without help, except in Hollywood.

Start today; do not waste any time starting your guest blog campaign.

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