Microsoft and AT&T to Unveil new Line of Smartphones


Tech giant Microsoft is all geared up to formally launch a line of Smartphones using an advanced and a revamped version of their Mobile Operating System. The date on which Microsoft will divulge the array of Smartphones is Oct 11 and AT&T the official carrier of these phones will start to offer them about three to four weeks later. According to the sources and people who are very much familiar with the launch dates quoted that these unveiling by Microsoft will be on a combined platform with AT&T.

Microsoft, in the recent months, has been receiving severe battering by Apple in terms of market shares and sales. And Apple is not the only one disrupting Microsoft dominance but Android Powered Mobile Phones offering load of flashier features have also been a tough adversary for Microsoft. So this launch according to people at the industry is pretty crucial for Microsoft. The event will be centered in New York accompanied with the Satellite Events everywhere else in the country.

An Analyst, at a research firm Current Analysis, Avi Greengart who is an avid follower of consumer electronics across the globe wrote in a Blog Post that this launch is very much crucial for Microsoft’s business because right now they are really getting flanked by their adversaries and competitors.

Microsoft will initially get the marketing assistance of the US largest cellphone carriers AT&T. Windows Phone 7 Smartphones will be initially sold by AT&T only and later on it will be available with various other carriers as well. AT&T is planning to sell the devices in the second week of month of November and it is going to offer three handsets made by the cellphone giants including Samsung Electronics Corp, LG Electronics and HTC Corp. This launching of the devices by three different makers is to diversify the portfolio of the mobile devices.

It has been a real tough going for Microsoft as far as Smartphone market is considered. Although, Microsoft registered a strong early presence in the market, but it was unable to sustain the momentum. The Company’s Mobile OS was the running system of the Smartphone biggies in 2005-2006, But the emergence of Apple’s iPhone did the damage and company was reeling to get hands on to something good and substantial ever since.

Yet alone in the past year, Microsoft’s share in the Smartphone market has almost plummeted by half the value and has went to a low of 5%. Microsoft mobile operating system has also been in trouble with the Android powered devices grabbing a larger chunk of the market. Although, Smartphone giants Samsung and LG are already big in Android market, but they have also committed to make these Microsoft phones as well.

Microsoft will have to adopt a very active marketing strategy to convince developers to take initiative in building apps for its Phones as well. Like Apple, Microsoft has decided that they are going to sell their Apps in a close marketplace and the apps will only be sold through the Windows Market Place.

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