A Real Opportunity for Microsoft in Windows 7 Mobile OS



Recently Microsoft announced release of a new series of mobile. These new phones claim to take over the older Windows Mobile OS version with the new and improved Windows 7 hype.

As is well known iPhones and Google Android with their mighty all around presence loom large as the biggest threat to Microsoft’s niche in this industry people are still excited to know more about the deal Microsoft has to offer. Microsoft personnel are however not too keen on discussing competition openly. In a televised interview Microsoft CEO rounded off a question about iPhones by the TV host emphasizing that Windows 7 phones alone are their focus and product configurations will surely be a lucrative bait to be grabbed by the King i.e. the customers. The word Microsoft surely has enough attraction power to stump any competition already present at least in the eyes of the customer who associate Microsoft with quality and extremely sophisticated software in the computer industry. But will the Microsoft promise makes the new Windows 7 mobile phone hold its own in the face of huge customer expectations.

Windows 7 is out to make huge in-roads into the IT business. Thus, proving the industry pundits wrong who are bent upon saying that the Windows Phone decision no matter how good is a tad too late. But the facts somehow prove otherwise. Apple and Google being Hulk-sized contenders can still not stand tall to the huge enterprise installed base for Microsoft. Except for Blackberry which enjoys a higher status, 62% of enterprises put faith in Microsoft by offering formal support to the Microsoft Windows 7 phones as shown by a recent ESG survey.

In the Smartphones segment, Microsoft has a lot of opportunities. Though technically, people are just learning the nuances of applications, functionality and utility, Microsoft can modify franchise applications to make sure they deliver the best on Windows Mobile. If the modification can be shown to be useful business community will follow. Microsoft can always call upon its panel of external developers to enhance enterprise based applications.

Secondly, Microsoft can make use of promotional strategy by offering pricing bundles to enterprise customers with lots of applications. This makes MS move a step ahead of others in attracting customers.

Thirdly, Microsoft can always make use of its widely prevalent ingenuity by liaising Windows phones administration, operations and security tools with existing Windows. This is because enterprise organizations find it a daunting task to take care of compliance of mobile devices with industry/ government data security and privacy measures. Usually mobile devices increase endpoint risk and pose complex regulatory problems. Microsoft can always help bridge this gap by a strategy tweak.

Lastly, it’s wise of Microsoft to not let competition get to their head. They can always focus their Windows 7 to have attractive consumer features and strong and appealing business functionality. If this can be achieved Microsoft can get a good rating from consumers and an A –grade from the enterprise and then it can play happy with knowledge that their market share justifies their entry and encounter with the competitors.

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