United Arab Emirates Invests In Mobile Internet


Mobile data provides a huge opportunity for growth in terms of revenue. With the technology that we have at our disposal, we are in a prime position to take advantage of mobile internet and broadband networks. With planned implementations of newer price plans, sales of devices, and the introduction of newer content, higher earnings can be expected to contribute to the global interest of internet in the mobile form.

The United Arab Emirates has invested about 1.6 billion dollars US into the network, which is said to be the most sophisticated network of its kind in the region. They look at it as a long term investment for the country and that it will help to develop sectors like health care and education. With higher than average investment capabilities, they understand that competitiveness is not only necessary, but also what is needed for sustainability in the long run.

With new 4G networks allowing for download at double the speed as its predecessor, transmitting large amounts of data is much more effective. The United Arab Emirates is currently testing among certain media and customers, and will be available to the public in about a month, with more advanced devices like tablets and other hand devices with direct access to the 4G network will be available within 6 months.

What This Means For The United Arab Emirates

With a population of about 6 million people, there are necessary steps being taken to assure that once the rollout is complete, all of those people will have access to the 4G network and that all kinks are worked out before launch. The U.A.E is essentially doing research on the go and is weighing out the pros and cons to give them an edge when it comes to deploy in all market aspects.

There have been renovations to over 600 stations that have been equipped with the most up to date systems to provide 4G services in the country. The fiber optic network that was used to integrate the technology will provide fixed internet, high definition, and landline television services.

The announcement of all of this has created quite the buzz and all signs point to the rise of data transmission services, which will open up all new doors for this part of the world. With the large investment made, there is no doubt that The United Arab Emirates is forging itself into the next generation of communication and technology.

Mobile internet is quickly becoming the way we do business; communicate with friends and family, working, and performing everyday tasks that were not possible just a short time ago. We live in an age where all this is made possible by investments such as the one made by U.A.E to ensure that they do not get left behind in the technological forefront.

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