iPad 3- A New Innovation Of 3rd Generation


iPad has gain popularity in no time. People have tried iPad 1 and iPad 2 and they are now anxiously waiting for better potable device that will be launched by Apple, this September. The device is the next generation of iPad and is named as iPad 3. It has spelled bounded people by its magic.

Rumors about iPad 3 have excited the world for numerous reasons. The top most reason is the expanding memory of portable device. Apple always takes care about the needs of customers. The excited games, media applications, movies and music all need storage space. Apple has decided to launch iPad 3 with 80GB. Of, course more is always better and people always want to carry, as much data as they can.
iPad 3 is excepted to be more lighter and thinner than the old generations. It is also anticipated that the RAM of iPad 3 will be faster and it will have Qualcomm dual-mode wireless chip. This wireless chip will let the users, to connect with CDMA and GSM data networks.
The cloud computing system of iPad 3 is the intelligent content management system. This ensures that the data is stored and managed at the proper place. This will lessen down the manual efforts and will automatically manage the data. It moves the less used data in the cloud locker and gives the space to download more recent applications, music or videos.

iPad 3 allows the users to download and upload all the music and videos over the iTunes. They can also purchase numerous videos from outside the iTunes.
Staffers of Apple have admitted that although iPad 2 has many flaws, but that is overcome in the iPad 3. iPad 3 will be having the FaceTime video conferencing camera that will allow users to chat in more convenient manner. The speakers of iPad 3 will be more beefy that will let users enjoy high quality sound. they also admitted that the screen resolution of the device will remain same as that of iPad 2.

iPad 3 will be offered with the accessories. These accessories ensure that iPad 3 will remain protective and does not need to repair. These accessories include:

1. A Screen protector: Screen protector ensures the safety of the screen from scratches, finger prints and dust.

2. Quality Case: People can acquire casing of leather, rubber or silicon to protect it from the damages and scratches.

3. A wireless Bluetooth keyboard: It is the best option for those people who cannot use touch screens for typing.

Apple is trying to reduce the technological gap between the tablets and the Macs. That is the reason; Apple has tried to introduce the iOS over the iPads. This will hopefully, eliminates the complaints of dependability with the PCs. Users will hopefully, be able to download the music files and movies from the iTunes application store, without repurchasing everything. They will be less requiring to plug in the device with the PCs. Apple is trying its best in cutting the cords and moving towards the massive improvement every day.

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