5 Ways Video Calling Can Boost Business


Video calling is increasing in popularity as faster broadband speeds, easy-to-use software and dedicated systems become more common. Home users have already appreciated the benefits of being able to keep in touch with friends and loved ones around the world face-to-face, and business is also embracing it in increasing numbers. While video conferencing has been around for many years, it often involved having to go to a dedicated video conferencing facility at a pre-determined time where a video link was then established. But basic computers and quality business telephone systems now make it a far easier, convenient and instantaneous option.

Cheaper calls
5 Ways Video Calling Can Boost Business

One of the biggest attractions of video conferencing is that it is actually far cheaper than making a phone call, even if it is between two people on opposite sides of the globe. Using a broadband connection, video calling can in many cases be free. Simple video calling requires a basic computer with a webcam, a decent internet connection and the appropriate software. Better quality video conferencing will require faster broadband speeds and higher quality equipment, which can often come packaged with VoIP telephone systems.

Build face-to-face relationships

With so much communication done via email or over the phone, especially if you have clients that are too far away to visit in person, video calling is a valuable tool. There is nothing better than actually meeting face-to-face – even if it is via video link. The psychological effects of actually being able to see the person you are speaking to cannot be underestimated. A person’s face, their mannerisms and body language can speak volumes, and it is all on show via video calling.

Group conferencing

There are many times when more than one person needs to be involved in a conversation. Often it can involve several people who may be at different locations around the country or even the world. Video calling offers the ability to connect everyone at the same time and in virtually the same place – the screen in front of you. Group conferencing gives businesses the ability to discuss all aspects of their subject at once rather than having to make multiple calls, therefore saving time and money.

Global reach

Video calling provides the ability to speak face-to-face with anyone, anywhere and at any time. Even if someone is half-way around the world, they can still be in front of you in an instant – with time differences taken into account, of course. Most video calling and conferencing applications also show a list of your contacts and when they are available, which often means a discussion can start with the click of a button.


A big advantage of video calling is the ability to collaborate with the person you are speaking with, often using different mediums. Doctors will be able to send each other scans and reports at the click of a button; photographers can show images to clients instantaneously; business executives can share and compare reports at a moment’s notice. It all adds up to improved efficiency, which is vital for any business.

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