Ultimate Car Sound Systems


Music can be a powerful motivator and source of inspiration on the road to wherever you may be going. The musical experience can be greatly enhanced by an investment in a powerful sound system. Many of the sound systems that come standard in a car are not of the highest quality and are damaged by high volumes. Take a look at these ultimate car sound systems that can turn your car into a mobile symphony.


One of the quickest ways to overpower normal sound systems is having the bass playing loud. Subwoofers are made to play the low frequencies so they won’t break when you crank up the volume. They also emphasize the strong beat and bass in a song so that you can really feel the rhythm as you drive down the road.

One of the most expensive and impressive subwoofers on the market is the Focal K2 Power with an 18” diameter and crisp, strong sound. The sub comes with a 3-layer cone that is designed specifically to handle high volumes with a power range of 1,000 watts. The woofer rings up at just under $2,000 with free shipping.

Dashboard Stereo

While the subwoofers and speakers contribute to the quality of sound that comes from your system, the stereo is an awesome part of the total car’s sound system. Not only do most of them look great with cool touch screens and neon lights, they come with really useful features too. Depending on the capability of a car’s stereo, the driver has many musical options at his or her disposal.

This Kenwood DVD Deck has many amazing features like an iPod connection, Sirius satellite radio, DVD player, Bluetooth, and touch screen GPS. This device allows you to use virtually any type of music medium that you want whether that is the regular radio, your personal iTunes collection, Pandora, Sirius, and many others.


There have been many innovations that allow drivers to connect wireless devices to the sound system to play music stored on the device. One major drawback was the inconvenience of the wire required to connect the device to the car. Bluetooth removes the inconvenience and allows wireless access to your stereo system through your phone.

The Pioneer Bluetooth adapter for your car allows you to wirelessly play music to your stereo as well as set up your phone through your speakers. The device ensures static free audio and automatically connects to your phone without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

There are many awesome ways that you can enhance the sound system in a car for convenience and better quality audio. With tons of how to and DIY guides on the internet, finding the best products on the internet and installing them in your car is easier than ever.

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