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If you do a search on Google+ for “Best Chefs,” you will get a variety of different responses. Many websites are just promoting local restaurants or culinary schools, but if you sift through the top responses, you’ll find information on people whom many in the world really do view as the world’s best chefs.

Gordon Ramsay
Among the top names to show up under “Best Chefs” is famous restaurateur and TV celebrity Gordon Ramsay. While much of his name recognition no doubt stems from his fame as the star of the popular TV shows “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Masterchef,” his culinary prowess is legendary. He is one of only four chefs ever to earn and maintain three prestigious Michelin stars, at his restaurant in London known as Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. He is the owner of several culinary venues all around the world and is lauded as one of the world’s most talented chefs.

Emeril Lagasse
No ‘top chef’ list would be complete without including Emeril Lagasse. He first trained as a chef in his mother’s kitchen, then at the prestigious culinary arts institution Johnson and Wales University, and finally at several top restaurants in France. Emeril eventually landed in New Orleans, where he was able to truly express his passion. Although he now has establishments in many parts of the U.S., his heart and soul reside in the cuisine of New Orleans. He is the host of his own TV show, and he sells his proprietary line of spice mixtures in many major grocery store chains nationwide, yet he is best known simply for his abilities in the kitchen.

Wolfgang Puck
Another towering talent in the world of famous chefs is Wolfgang Puck. Like many successful chefs, he learned his early skills at the side of his mother. Born in Austria, he later trained in France and eventually moved to the U.S. Wolfgang Puck quickly turned the Los Angeles restaurant Ma Maison into a hot spot for the rich and famous. His talent in the kitchen was nothing less than legendary. Before long, he branched out with restaurants of different types all across the country. He understood that sometimes people prefer fancy fine dining, but at other times, they might want a setting that is more casual. At all times, people want good food. Wolfgang Puck found ways to deliver exactly what people were seeking: great cuisine in the setting that suited them. His restaurants are still greatly successful because of this ability to deliver what Wolfgang calls classic California cuisine with a twist.

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