Four Reasons To Work As An SEO Reseller


The world is changing at a frightening rate. Economies are shifting, new industries are developing overnight, and it can often be difficult to find the best way to keep from being overwhelmed by the relentless wave of progress.

But what if you could ride the wave rather than drown beneath it? What if you could capitalize on the march of progress, take your slice of the vast revenues generated online and emerge as a leader in marketing? Well, by affiliating with an SEO reseller program you can do just that, and here are just four reasons why you should start today.

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1. You can offer more to your customers
If you work in web design, copywriting or online marketing you may have a client base that come to you for a very specific service. If you do a great job you may even make a good living in your narrow niche, but imagine the earning possibilities if you could widen your portfolio of services.

By working as an SEO reseller you can start to offer a full suite of services to your clients that make you a one-stop-shop for all of their needs. If you already build websites for a living (or just as a hobby) you can extend your package to content creation and both on- and off-site SEO, drawing in new customers who prefer to work with a single expert for their web needs.

2. Run your own business
But what if you don’t currently have an online presence? Well, that’s no problem. By registering as an SEO reseller you can start from the ground up and devote all of your time to pushing affiliate products. As a reseller you don’t have to provide any services yourself, so even if you’re an Internet novice you can make a living from the web. The only skill you really need is a flair for sales.

3. Work from anywhere
Everybody dreams of the ability to work anywhere at any time; to be free from the dreaded alarm clock, the busy commute and the depressing daily grind. As an SEO reseller you’ll be able to work from home, from your local coffee shop… heck, if you can hop on a Wi-Fi network you can work from the beach if you choose! Affiliates have complete autonomy over their work hours, their sales methods and every other aspect of their business. There will be no bosses and supervisors looking over shoulder. You will be the master of your own success.

4. Charge what you want
Most importantly, since this will be your business and yours alone you’ll be free to set the price for your services as high or low as you choose. SEO reseller programs leverage the size of their staff to offer prices much lower than the market average (just as Walmart uses its size to offer great deals to customers), so even with your share of the profits tacked on to the base price you’ll be able to offer competitively priced services to your customers.

Making a living as an SEO reseller takes tenacity, dedication and ambition, but for those who have the ability to motivate themselves and the drive to succeed there’s endless opportunity for profit.

So, you need to ask yourself: do I have enough drive to take charge of my career?

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Johan Hedin is the Managing Director of Marketing Ignite.

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