Google’s Browser Chrome Tripled its Revenue in the Past Year


Internet Browsers these days are on a competition course with various tech giants introducing updates and new UI to their version of the Internet Browsers. Recently, a survey company named as StatCounter released its data on the usage of the browsers globally in the month of September. The general trends are same as the previous surveys have showed, but one stat has clearly registered the fact that the competition is On between Internet Browsers. For the first time, the survey result has shown that Internet Explorer usage has fallen below its normal 50 percent mark.

Another notable statistics in the survey is the gradual rise of Google Chrome Browser; Chrome according to the statistics has more than 3 times the share in the market as compared to its previous numbers in the month of September 2009. Firefox is also on a slight decline but seems to have somehow stabilized between 30-31 percent which is quite a substantial percentage.

The point which has to be noted is that the Survey Company StatCounter counts only the page views not the unique users or visitors. So this means that the numbers they have given only give the insight about how many times a certain browser is used. These numbers don’t show that how much these browsers have been installed by the users.

The browser, Google Chrome gained almost 1 percent point as compared to its numbers in the month of August. In August, the browser had 10.76 points as compared to 11.54 point in September 2010. In the year 2009 during the month of September, browser was at a mere 3.69 percent. So by analyzing the current year numbers, we can clearly see that it has jumped three times. Firefox seems to have a static user base and its numbers hovers around 30 percent. It’s been a decade and a half since Internet Explorer came into the market and for the first time its percentage has dropped bellows 50 percent mark.

Chrome according to the survey is getting more popularity in Europe but in the US, IE is the dominant one and Firefox has almost same popularity in both the regions. So, we will have to wait and see in the coming times that which Browser will grab the top spot in terms of usage.

Google’s internet browser Chrome marked its second birthday in September, 2010 and is gradually becoming the choice of internet users all over.

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