Have an Old Phone? Here’s What You Can Do With It


Many people have one or more old phones lying around the house that don’t get much use anymore. As newer and flashier phones enter the marketplace, older phones seem to feel slower and less useful. Well, there are actually some things you can do with your old phone instead of just letting it gather up dust. Check out these cool ways you can repurpose your old phone.

Give It to Your Kids

One way you can give your old phone some new life is to give it to your kids. Younger children may not be ready for their own smartphone, but an older phone can be used on an internet connection for some limited screen time. Your kids can use old devices to play games and watch videos, and you can avoid investing in another pricey device.

Use It as a Security Monitor

Another way to get more use out of an old phone that you don’t need anymore is to set it up as a security monitor. If you have a new baby, you can use it as a video baby monitor and create a monitoring station in your room to keep watch on your little one. It’s also possible to configure an old smartphone as a security monitor for your home. You can choose to monitor your front steps or another vulnerable area of your property and link it to your new device.

Donate It

If you want to give back to your community and help someone experiencing a hardship, donation is another possibility. Some organizations collect old cell phones and give them out to seniors and low-income individuals so they have a way to contact the police or fire department in case of an emergency. There are also programs around that allow you to donate your old cell phone to the troops.

Upgrade to a New Phone

When you’re ready to upgrade to the next model of your favorite iPhone or Android device, get some money towards your new phone by turning it in when you upgrade. If your old phone is in good condition and the screen isn’t cracked, you could get some credit to apply to the purchase of the newer phone. This is a great way to save a few hundred dollars on the latest, more expensive phone upgrade.

Recycle It

Recycling your phone through an organization like ecoATM is also a possibility if your phone isn’t eligible to trade-in for an upgrade. You can find a recycling location fairly quickly if you use a vendor such as ecoATM company. Simply place your old device into the kiosk and get some quick cash in return. This way, your old electronic device won’t go into the trash and be part of a landfill.

Sell It for Cash

For phones that are in great condition and are fairly newer, it’s smart to consider selling it on the open market instead of trading it in. You may get a higher price if you sell it on your own with the help of a site like Craigslist or eBay. Take plenty of pictures of your device and write a detailed description. Note any flaws or problems so there are no surprises.

Help Find Your Car

The last way you can get more use out of an old device is to set it up as a go-to car locator. For a phone that is one of the earlier models and not worth very much, you can place it deep inside of your car trunk or other hidden place and use it as a locating device. The next time you can’t remember your parking spot, pull up your phone locator for help.

Clear out the clutter by doing something with that old phone. Get some cash or use it in a new way to avoid having another electronic filling up your space.

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