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Everyone loves taking appreciation of his blog. Honestly telling, I too love the moments when others appreciate my blog. As it give you more energy to work harder for your blog to improve it in results. Appreciation makes the person so eager to make the blog more popular and improved. But one must remember there is always two sides of a coin – so don’t forget that there may be some persons who don’t like your blog or your blog does not fit into their parameters of goodness. So, it’s good to be the self critique for your blog.

The best thing about criticism is the way of taking it. Don’t feel bad or ashamed if anyone criticizes you or your blog. Take it in a positive manner. Remember no one gets 100% appreciation or positive response from everyone. So set your own parameters and become a self critique for your blog.

So following I am sharing you few constructive points that will help you to be a critique for your blog which will make your blog flawless.

1.)    Firstly, see what exactly your blog is all about?

The first step is to have a clear vision that exactly what is your blog all about. What is the main topic of your blog. If your blog is based on any specific topic then it will grow and become more popular. Also it will attract the relevant and right kind of traffic to your blog. This will help you to make money also by putting relevant ads on your blogs. So make sure that your blog should have a specific topic and relevant information on that topic. Relevant information that is absolutely based on your blog topic will strengthen your blog to grow at fast rate.

2.)    Analyze whether your blog colors and theme matches with your blog topic?

Analyze whether your blog’s color and theme is matching to the topic of your blog. For example: if there is a romantic or a love blog, the color suits to that blog is pink or red. Similarly, set your blog colors and theme according to the topic. This visual appearance plays an important role to show its visibility.

3.)    Analyze the quality of the content of your blog

How important the content is. I think everyone is very well aware from this. Content is actually a king of any blog. Content must be relevant to your blog topic. It should also be the informative one. Readers will like your blog only if it will give them useful and important information. Try to share the view with users and ask them for their comments, feedback. Even search engine also give huge value and importance to the unique, fresh and relevant content.

4.)    Check whether your blog is Social Media friendly or not?

This is the most important part of your blog. You should be very strict about this. Check whether your blog have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles and other useful social media profiles.  Connect these social media profiles with your blog and nicely place them into your blog either in header or where it can be easily viewable by the readers. Also, make sure that these social media sites should be placed together in the blog, it doesn’t look like scattered in the blog.

Roberta writes for Phone Service and Hosted VoIP. She is freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like latest technology, social media and other general topics.

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