6 Rewarding Jobs You Can Get With A Degree In Computer Science


As technology has begun to play an even bigger factor in both people’s work and professional lives, there has been an increased demand for individuals with degrees in computer science. There are a number of rewarding jobs that people can get with a computer science degree.

Applications Programmer

Applications programmers are responsible for writing the programs that people use their desktop. They generally write these programs in languages like Java and C++ and are usually tasked with creating both the user interface and the code that runs behind the scenes to make programs work.

Systems Administrator

As a systems administrator, individuals are responsible for ensuring that business networks run exactly how they should all of the time. They are in charge of fixing any issues that may arise in both physical and cloud networks and will often submit regular reports on network performance.

6 Rewarding Jobs You Can Get With A Degree In Computer Science

Front End Web Developer

People who work as front end web developers create the user interfaces that people see when they visit websites. They spend most of their time writing code in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Front end web development is particularly well suited for individuals who have an interest in both computer programming and graphic design.

Database Administrator

Both businesses and websites rely on databases to store the information that they need to function properly. Database administrators are responsible for making sure that these systems stay running correctly and securely all of the time in addition to backing the system up regularly. People who are interested in becoming a database administrator should make sure that they are highly familiar with SQL.

Full Stack Web Developer

Full stack web developers create the back end of websites that contains the business logic necessary for them to run. In addition, they are expected to have enough systems administration knowledge to deploy websites and ensure that they are running well. There are a number of different languages and technologies used in full stack web development including Python, Ruby on Rails and PHP.

Systems Architect

Systems architects are responsible for setting up business information systems for companies. While these roles do not require people to be particularly proficient programmers, they do need to know things like UML which is used to diagram the processes that systems require. In addition, systems architects need to have at least a basic understanding of business principles in order to create information systems that will meet companies needs and allow them to function efficiently.

Obtaining an online master’s degree in computer science can open up doors to many rewarding jobs. Not only do many of these jobs pay well, they are very rewarding.

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