Laser Jet 1606dn of HP – Ideal if You Sacrifice Wireless Connection


Laser Jet 1606dn of HP – Ideal if you sacrifice wireless connection

If you are looking out for a speedy laser printer with good quality then LaserJet 1606dn priced $230 is yet another option for your office. The speed and high quality are the salient features of this printer. This printer is capable of saving power and energy and hence is eco-friendly. It contains an in built ‘smart install’ for activating USB connection.

You should locate the IP address from the configuration and then download the software for installing the printer on your computer. The HP Company always take it for granted that the user will have sufficient knowledge about the IP and the same thing happened with this printer also. For many users it is difficult to trace out the correct address. So, it would have been nice, if the HP makes some alteration in its documentation to make things clear.

The printer weighs 15.4 pound and looks stylish and appealing. But the paper tray in the front portion is protruding a bit. Otherwise, the entire unit is compact and occupies less space and suited for small office atmosphere.

The P1606dn of HP is a bit awkward in assembling the unit. Actually one would struggle a bit to find out to assemble the unit. The output tray and an extender are out of place in our opinion.

Apart from input tray there is another priority tray which can hold at least 10 sheets of paper and is useful to store special paper or small envelopes.

The control panel in the front portion contains only four buttons. It would have been wiser if they add some difference in designing the “Power” button since we struggled to locate it since the entire unit was completely black and it was difficult to spot the ‘Power’ switch. HP has designed the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Go’ keys prominently.

This P1606dn saves your electricity bill since it automatically gets switched off when kept idle for one minute. Again it turns into ‘on’ mode as soon as the machine senses a job for print. It contains proviso for protecting the toner such as Econo mode and Print Density slot allows you to lighten the printout if not required.

The input main tray can hold 250 sheets of paper and a special tray for storing envelopes and exclusive papers. The printer supports wide array of paper sizes ranging from smallest to biggest.

The speed of the HP laser was great and stunning. The test was conducted on different modes and the printer excelled in speed in various modes and text documents. Being a monochrome printer, the output or print quality was superb and can be recommended for office which takes fewer printouts per month. The printer is equipped with 32MB memory slot and is capable to print graphic pictures without any difficulty.

The only drawback is you have to spend a lot for buying its consumables. The page cost works out to be more than average cost for laser jet printer. An affordable price, excellent output quality and high speed are the main factor which decides a good printer and P1606dn covers all of them. But you will not get wireless connection in this printer so keep it near the system.

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