Rumors of Facebook and Skype Partnership


Many belonging to the tech world are speculating that the social networking giant Facebook and Internet Telephony Company Skype are planning to establish a consolidated partnership which will be basically aimed at integrating and combining their communication packages and services. According to a report published by Wall Street Journal, the two tech giants are working out a plan where they will establish much better service parameters by combining their service domains. The Wall Street Journal issued the report saying that this integrating service plan between Facebook and Skype will be a very huge venture.

The Journal said that the proposed partnership is that of introduction of an integrated service in which Facebook users will be able to use and sign-in into their Skype accounts through their normal Facebook accounts. According to the report, once the user is signed-in to the new service, he will be able to send text messages, video chat and voice chat with their Facebook friends from Skype environment.

A person who is well conversant about this speculated deal told the media that these new joint Facebook and Skype integrated functions will be built in the latest version of Skype which will be called as Skype 5.0. This new version will be released within next few weeks for all the users worldwide.

With Skype video and voice chat enabled on Facebook, users will be able to use both the services within one single environment and according to the source it will be a logical progression towards development of more innovative services.

Facebook and Skype have still not commented on this present partnership but we have to wait and see what materializes out of these rumors.

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