Workforce 610 by Epson is Ideal for Small Office with AIO Feature


Workforce 610 by Epson is ideal for small office with AIO feature

This inkjet printer is ideal for small office or home based business is priced 200 dollars and is capable of printing speedy printouts with average quality. This would be the best choice owing to its great speed and low price with low ink cost per page and user friendly interface system.

The printer resembles a black box with curved corners and poses a stylish look. The weight of 18 pounds is much low for added features. The front panel is equipped with several buttons and is easy and simple to use. The LCD screen is just 2.5 inches but displays clear text while operating.

The left side of the board holds the home button with four way switches for copying, scanning, faxing and printing photos. The navigation button is highly automatic capable of controlling various functions. The entire buttons or keys are easily accessible from distance also.

The workforce 610 has in built memory card slot, an USB and Ethernet panel. The power chord is placed on the back side of the body. It also consists of document feeder which is useful for heavy scanning work and a duplexer to control double sided printouts.

The installation was successfully completed in less than 5 minutes. The printer also has wireless connection and Ethernet panel. Changing ink cartridges was very easy since each slot is coded with respective colour. The other functions like scanning, copying and printing were quick and clear. You have different options of mode to select. Normally the printing was without much noise.

The workforce 610 has extraordinary speed while printing the text and images and also on printing graphics and text. It is superior to any other printers while taking printouts of text or graphics. But the speed considerably reduced when it prints photos.

The time consumed for scanning was moderate and average. Copying speed was also above average when compared with its competitors. Hence, overall the printer is superior in speed and all features.

Talking of the quality of the printout the results was inconsistent and varied with different user modes. The colour text was not legible with poor images. But the results improved when the level of quality was altered. Likewise, better images of photos were produced if kept in ‘Best Photo’ level.

However, the printouts of text documents will be up to the expectation if you are using it for office. Instead the quality is not satisfactory if some graphics and colour are mixed in printouts.

While looking into the cost and expenses, Workforce 610 can be the cheapest printer with added feature. Hence, you could save lot of money on it.

On the whole, this printer is suited for small office and does speedy prints at cheaper cost and is available at affordable rate. If your work do not involve much printouts of photos then this is the best printed available in the market meeting all your requirements for $199.

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