Sanyo Taho (Sprint) Review


The Sanyo Taho phone is agreeably a good one for buyers with a rough and simple design as its strong point while the low voice quality being a little issue.


Sanyo is popularly known for its craggy phones and so the Sanyo Taho Sprint did not come as a surprise for everyone with a robust Taho. Although the appearance of this phone set is not very appealing, it has other benefits and plus points that make it a considerable phone set. You can enjoy the ruggedness of the phone, the robust design and the friendly and functional control options. However, the voice quality of this set is not very impressive but it still manages to fall on the satisfactory scale. The speakerphone is a disappointment in this set, which was found to get biased on rising volume levels.

The call quality of the Sanyo Taho Sprint is fine and the best part is its affordable price, if bought online after signing a two year contract will cost you only $99.


The Sanyo Taho is no slender and stimulating phone; in fact it is confidently hulking and an extra expanded phone. It consists of a touch plastic skin with an extra rubber padding around its edges which is given to ensure a firm grip in one’s hand and also making it resilient to dust, water, tremor, vibration, rain and dangerous temperatures. This phone is definitely very obstinate as it has shown no sign of dent or harm even after undergoing severely rough usage.

The length of this phone measures to 4 by 2 inches, with a width being 0.9 inches deep and a weight of 4.7 ounces. The speakers of this phone are easily noticeable due to their large being; the face of the phone is colored black and silver, consisting of a small neutral display which makes this phone a typical generic and old fashioned kind of phone set with no adornments. The screen displays the time, battery lifetime, signal power, a slim light underneath the displays sparkles when a call is being received.

The Sanyo Taho has both strong and durable hinge and shell. The flap can easily be operated using one hand and the main display inside is 2 inches with a support provision of 262,000 colors (320×240 pixels). Like said earlier this phone is user friendly and the resolution, photos and graphics are perfect for this kind of phone. The navigation keys have ample space between them and the OK button in between is a circular closure with a surfaced finishing. The shutter of the camera is right beside the circular toggle along with other shortcuts including a Back key, a speakerphone shortcut and a Talk and End/power key.

The keypad in this phone has large and prominent letters and numbers written, hence this phone is a good choice for visually weak people. On the back right of this phone, there is a volume adjuster and a Micro-USB charger port. The camera lens is situated on the back next to the flash, surrounded by a metal boundary to protect it from any bump or damage. The phone’s battery is secured tightly so that no water touches its battery.

Features and Performance

This phone like other generic phones consists of basic features including SMS and MMS capability, a calendar, a voice memo recorder, an alarm clock, a calculator, a speakerphone, a countdown timer and a stopwatch, and a standard world clock. Other than that, this phone includes additional features such as the GPS, stereo Bluetooth, voice dialing, restricted parental controls, airplane mode and a PC synchronization system.

The performance of the phone has shown good signs with voice calling, strong signals at some point, while weak or no signals at other points, the caller and the receiver have both given satisfactory reviews on the call quality. The Sanyo Taho Sprint has a battery with 6.1 hours talk time. It is a good phone overall with much capacity for improvements!

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