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Social Media Logins And Lock Picking – How To Protect Yourself


Social media; most of us on the internet love it.   Some of us have a love-hate relationship with it.  We love the quick networking for business and the ease of keeping up with family and friends.   The drawbacks need to be given our attention.  When people know our location and also are given the tools to know how to break in, we are in trouble.

Location-based social media networks allow smart phone users to “check in” at various venues, giving them the ability to let their friends and family know where they are, leave reviews about goods and services, post photographs, and more. Foursquare, Facebook Check-ins, Yelp, and other similar sites and apps are all popular among smart phone users.

Although they can be fun, some people choose not to use these services out of fear. Announcing that you’re at a restaurant across town or even on vacation for the week means your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know that you aren’t at home. Because so many people also “check in” at their own homes in addition to public places, a website called Please Rob Me was established to raise awareness on the dangers of over sharing on social networks.

Learn How to Pick Locks with Social Media
Even so, the fact that potential criminals can use social media to learn more about people and their locations isn’t the only thing that you should worry about. Social media instructions on how to pick locks are running rampant! Don’t believe it? There are YouTube videos showing viewers

  • How to Pick a Lock with a paper clip or safety pin and a tension wrench
  • Pick a Lock in SECONDS with a bump key
  • How to Make a Paperclip Lock Pick that Works
  • and more!

How Safe are You?
It’s easy to assume that locking the door behind you when you get home means you are safe inside, but most people fail to realize that the average locks you can purchase at most hardware and home improvement stores are incredibly easy to pick or break into. Many websites even encourage homeowners to pick their own locks after accidentally locking themselves out, rather than pay a professional locksmith to do the job, because it is so easy.

How to Protect Yourself
If picking a lock and breaking into a home isreally that simple, how can you protect yourself and give your family peace of mind? For starters, familiarize yourself with their lock picking techniques—watch the above-mentioned YouTube videos and read other social media instructions on how to pick locks. Know and understand that this information is easily available. Even if you live in a gated community or a neighborhood with a security guard, you may also want to consider the following suggestions:

  • Install a higher-end lock mortise lock, which is much stronger than a common bored cylindrical lock because it requires a pocket to be cut into the door into which the lock is fitted
  • Have an electric lock system with keypad entry, similar to those used on businesses, installed on your home
  • Invest in a video surveillance system that allows you to see who is outside your home at all times
  • Subscribe to a home security monitoring service

There is no one surefire way to protect your home and family from crime, but at least be aware that instructions on how to pick a lock are easier than ever to find online thanks to social media. Understand that these things can happen, take precautions, and always remember to lock your door when you get home.

Meg Jones covers security and safety issues when she writes for a locksmith company that you can find at .

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