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Finding A Safe And Interactive Social Networking Site For Tweens


The recent rapid technology development has led to the growth of social networking as a communication tool. Social networking has gained popularity and acceptance among the tweens. It enables them to connect with other people in the world and share their ideas and feelings. However, there are many potential risks that are associated with social networking sites since tweens reveal a lot of personal information through their profiles. Social networking sites also allow tweens to post their photos, comment on any updates and send messages. This online interaction is fun but it also poses a lot of danger to parents and teens. Below are some tips that can help in ensuring the safety of tweens during online interactions.

1. Protect your Privacy
It is important for social network tweens to guard their privacy online. These social sites aim at helping tweens to connect with their close friends that they know so well. Most teenagers reveal a lot of personal information, such as where they stay, email address and cell phone number. However, this information can be accessed by strangers, so it is advisable to put your profile to private. This private mode ensures that only those who you know are able to see your profile and pictures. Remember to never share your password with anyone—even your closest friends—as this jeopardizes your security.

2. Guard your reputation
Although there is so much fun from uploading images, videos or any other content online, social network tweens must guard their reputation. This content will be viewed by your friends and other people if your profile is public. The information you post online is used to judge the kind of a person you are. For example, if you are always posting provocative pictures that show you skimpily dressed, you might attract pedophiles and other sex perverts. It is important to maintain your dignity online because anonymity is not assured.

3. Respect
Online interactions are funny, engaging and interesting. Social networking sites aim at creating a forum where people from different parts of the world can discuss various issues. Social networking tweens must learn to accept the diversity of other people’s opinions and respect them online. Do not engage in inappropriate discussions that can lead to personal disagreements and humiliation. Do not have public spats with your friends online, or post negative or confidential information about anyone.

4. Report abuse
You are likely to face difficulties and problems during your online interactions. If you encounter unwanted remarks or inappropriate photos, you can use the various tools, such as block, report and ignore that are provided by the social network. You should never condone abuse from anyone— use these tools to alert the social network provider. Social networking tweens should report anyone sending them sexual messages or pictures to their parents and the relevant authorities. Do not arrange a meeting with someone you met online since people give a lot of false information.

Kids Social Network is a safe envirnment for kids and tweens to access the web and enjoy all that social media has to offer.

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