MaxiVista Multi-Monitor Software


MaxiVista Multi-Monitor Software

If you are considering connecting your desktop to work along with other computers on the same network that is hardly used, the MaxiVista is a monitor software that will provide the solution for you. This monitor software is capable of duplicating the screen content from one computer to another. This content can be used for teaching and demonstrations. Another addition is that they can perform from one point to another. For further detailed information one can visit their website.

The MaxiVista monitor software has got some advantages. The MaxiVista helps the user utilize the idle computers in their network. It is also not important to buy any computer hardware or even install additional video cards. Further to this, the MaxiVista can work along with the multi-monitor hardware that is currently in use. MaxiVista goes for an affordable price of $ 30 which is a drop from the $ 50 price it was sold for earlier on.

On the other hand, the MaxiVista is highly dependent on the network traffic , settings and performance of the second computer. In addition to this, the primary display cannot be used to adjust the color settings on the secondary display. Actually the secondary display has to adjust its own color settings.

With the MaxiVista you don not need to go into the cost of getting more hardware to extend your computer to another computer. This monitor software enables the user use a wireless or wired network to mirror their screen to another computer.  The second computer can be easily rotated and run in the entire screen or a small window. It is important to note that the main computer should be running on Windows XP (SP2)/2000/2003 while the second computer should be on Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/2003/XP (SP2). The two computers should be connected through a network connection with TCP/IP protocol. They are various options of the network connections. These may include; the network hub, USB among others that are readily available.  If there is an idle extension available the main computer can connect to three other computers. With the use of four dual monitor computers, the screen resolution can go up to a maximum of 12,800 by 1,200 pixels. In order to understand these features better, a 30 day free demo is available and can be easily downloaded.

It is important to note that the MaxiVista monitor software can be used with old and idle computers what is required is a stable network. No additional hardware needs to be purchased or installed. The MaxiVista works generally any computer or laptop.  MaxiVista works very well with hardware based multi-monitor systems. Note that the server has to be installed on the main computer.

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