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Over the last three years, there have been some major and exciting changes for the TV consumers. The most interesting of these changes is the introduction of internet TV. With so many features like YouTube, Facebook, 3-screens and widgets and the migration of so much content on the internet, it is becoming a norm now to have personal video choices. This change is therefore attraction of all involved including the end users, content providers, operators and even the advertisers. However, it is still difficult to evaluate that how much the Internet content has an impact on the home and the community networks regarding the video distribution and content consumption.

The question erupts that what has triggered to the evolution of internet TVs. The most common of all triggering factors had been the video cassette recorder (VCR), On-demand TV, TiVO® and internet streaming, which already provided the consumer the convenience to watch the shows according to their own schedules. Adding to these factors are some other factors that have triggered the popularity of Internet TV. These factors include the increased availability of the broadband both inside and out of the home, the expanded and rich Web services and the easy development of the application with disk space (local and in the cloud) costing low have added to its popularity.

Given all this, the much greater change has been brought in by the social networking sites and the increase in the number of power uses, which has provided the opportunity to change the paradigm of TV viewing. While being inside the home, the technologies are the tools that help reach out to the whole home ecosystem to communicate. But with the emerging technologies and networking opportunities available the home experience is expanded to be in contact everywhere in the community and the world, without having to rely on the core infrastructure as done previously. The complete revolution of the TV experience can also be attributed to the Personalized TVs that with their redesigned user-interfaces reflect the personal tastes and also by providing personalized search give a whole new aspect to the rendering service.

Similarly widgets are moving from the PC to the TV delivering customization of information. With personalization, the advertising and services have been given a whole new world, from services like health care and advanced home shopping it’s definitely a new experience.

Also with this, the TV is being revived as a medium of social interaction. There is now a drastic change in the living room of the 50s and the 60s compared to that of today which is now a global living room for family and friends. In early 2000, the “Social TV”  emerged that provided a combination of TV content and direct social interaction designed on the idea from the internet connected set-top boxes, IPTV, TVs and PC. Home shopping that was previously considered to be the two-way TV is now over. With this Social TV the friends and family, where ever they are can exchange comments on the show they watched together, recommend shows to one another or can even start a voice and video call right from the TV. All these factors combine to make internet TVs much more popular.

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