The Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 Review


The Apple MacBook Pro needs no introduction as it comes from the computing industry giant, Apple Inc. One expects it to be perfect but according to ratings provided by experts, it does seem to be perfect. A 9/10 for design, 8.0/10 for features, 8/10 for performance and 9/10 for battery life; doesn’t seem bad at all. There is just a minor glitch; customer service is rated at just 6/10. You shouldn’t be disappointed by this considering Apple’s rigid nature towards customer services.


Apple’s MacBook Pro series usually offers a major change of hardware or a hardware upgrade. This time, Apple’s latest version of Macbook Pro, the Spring 2010 seems to have a total change of design, features and also internal hardware. The body and the multitouch trackpad are made out of aluminum which makes it a durable and shining object.

The Good

The MacBook Pro Spring 2010 comes with the latest Intel Core-I CPUs, which are the i5 and the i7. However, the older version of Apple Macbook Pro (13 inch) uses the Core 2 Duo. This version has a 15 inch and a 17inch series.  There is a whole rebuild of internal architecture with latest Nvidia GeForce 9400 graphics card for the system. 15 inch MacBook Pro Spring 2010 has a 2.66GHz Core i7 CPU; 4GB RAM 500GB hard drive and comes at the cost price of $2,199. The price tag of this powerhouse is pretty expensive, but considering its powerful components some people really think its worth the money spent.

The Bad

There are some features missing that have made experts cry out. The lack of HDMI port ( you cannot connect it to the TV output) and also lack of 3G. Though for experts this may be a flaw, for people who want to use this powerhouse, this really doesn’t matter as long as the machine lives up to its performance and fulfills promises of reliability and impressive action. The second complain regarding any Apple product is its steep prices. But though people have an objection, they still can’t help falling in love with this company’s product.


The Apple MacBook Pro Spring 2010 comes with the Intel HM55 chipset and runs on the OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard, which means anyone who is used to Windows, would find using this OS a little problematic. The multitouch track pad is extremely smooth and you really don’t have to waste a lot of energy in bringing up active windows.  Of all companies that offer multitouch pads, Apple’s touchpad seems to be the best.

The MacBook also offers a great screen resolution for watching online HD videos and if you want more pixels (1, 680 x 1050) display, then you could spend another $100 and a display screen of that size, otherwise the 15.4 inch Mac offers a 1440 x 900 pixel screen resolution.


The MacBook Pro has gone through major internal changes that make it a completely different device unrelated to its predecessor versions. If you really love this machine and are willing to invest $2000 it should prove to serve you well as a reliable powerhouse.

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  1. The HDMI port on the new Macbook Pro has been replaced with a Mini DisplayPort;

    from Apple’s website
    “To connect your television or other HDMI devices to your Mac, use select third-party Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters that conform to the VESA v1.1a DisplayPort Interoperability Guidelines. The following adapters adhere to these standards:

    Moshi Mini DP to HDMI Adapter with Audio Support
    Griffin Video Display Converter (Mini DisplayPort to HDMI and DVI)”


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