WorldMate: A Solid Travel App


WorldMateMany travel apps aimed at the Android marketplace have been created in order to assist you in the organization of your forthcoming journeys, but the lengthy process of entering all of one’s data on a phone’s small screen using a tiny keyboard can put a lot of people off. WorldMate is free of charge, and has separated itself from the others by getting rid of this step completely.

If you travel frequently you will know that when you have completed your flight bookings your itinerary is emailed to you, and in order to make use of WorldMate, you will simply forward this email to the address the application provides you with, and all of that data will go into your account and, subsequently, the application itself. It’s a very quick and easy process, although you will have to open a WorldMate account beforehand, and adding your trip information to your app schedule will result in the data being backed up online as well.

It is an elegant and intuitive app, with Travel Notifications; Currency Converter; Weather Forecast; Book a Hotel; and My Trips all appearing on the main screen. When you select My Trips, a list of all your forthcoming trips will be displayed, and when you select one of these it will give you details on each stage of your upcoming journey, including your seat and confirmation numbers, and even the kind of aeroplane you will be travelling on. Select the map button, found alongside the name of the airport, and the airport’s address will be opened up inside the Maps section.

Weather reporting is standard, with the screen displaying a 5 day forecast for the city you are currently in, the one you are headed to, and any additional places that you decide to search for. The Travel Notifications feature can also come in very handy, and you are able to tailor the notification settings, including the time of each notification, whether or not you would like a sound to be played, and whether or not you would like to be notified at all whilst you are travelling.

There are, however, some things lacking, a boarding pass capability in particular. A lot of airlines are currently offering smartphone sized confirmations, along with barcodes, enabling you to simply scan your phone in order to check in. Information on car rentals would be a nice addition also, as well as flight booking software and the ability to link the application to a frequent flier account. The only real drawback besides these omissions however, is that it can sometimes take a little while for your trip to be added, although in testing this waiting period never exceeded 10 minutes. All in all, WorldMate is a dependable app that delivers a very useful service.


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