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Building a marketplace has played a special role in the Rademade evolution, and we are ready to share our experience. Let’s develop your ecommerce project together.

Starting a new business sets a number of questions! We want to share our experiences and help you solve this problem the easiest and effective way. Years of experience convinced us of the need for a solid foundation for startups. The desire to build a marketplace on should be based on such tasks:

  • Understanding the needs of users. You should be aware of their problems – and solve these problems!
  • Measuring several important parameters such as the value of each customer and the rate of return customers. Use Google analytics!
  • If someone else’s copyright objects will be placed in marketplace, you need the license agreements between the author and the user. Marketplace is only facilitator!

Make sure that at the earliest stage of startup, when you have just an idea. Examine case of successful ecommerce projects, such as leaders:, Ebay, Airbnb, Etsy,, Themeforest, Yelp and others. Note that there are b2b, b2c, c2c projects among them. Look for your own niche. Maybe, social services or healthcare? Building A Marketplace Without Errors and Disappointments

How to Start an Online Marketplace Now

Let’s look at trading platform as the example. There you can buy and sell wordpress templates, themes modules, components, scripts, simple sites and other open source plugins for CMS websites. Apps can be chargeable or available for free download and use.

Set a reasonable price, because it is one of the key factors for the customer. The correct price is a little lower than the cost of development. So client prefer to buy software than to order development.

When your website just started, it is advisable to release free products. It gives the opportunity to practice, get the experience of and prepare to sell the best solutions.

Affiliate program is a good idea. For example, your partners will be able to buy your solution discounted of 40 to 50% (depending on the status). It is necessary to give discounts to stimulate selling into new, empty marketplaces.

To create your own peer to peer site, you need to follow the trends. Watch what theme and  functionality are more common on popular p2p sites, follow quality and design. You can learn from other opencart sites, but do not clone them. Rademade will help you. With, you can check your idea for viability and perspectivity. And then? This package contains the basic template and functionality required to build a marketplace. Even if you are not a web page builder, you will receive a minimal viable product, the development of which is in your hands.

Successful builders organizes various events for customers and contests for sellers. Remember that multi vendor market combines the two sides: the developers and buyers. Create the best conditions for both sides, and your tribe succeed.

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