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HelloTXT’s Effort to Streamline Social Media Posting


HelloTXT’s Effort to Streamline Social Media PostingHelloTXT may sound quite new to many. It is an app that updates all your social networks from one application. It is quite mind blowing how this would work, but, it is a worldwide app that cuts across all iOS tools. They are over fifty social networks at HelloTXT. This includes the popularly known facebook among many others.

On HelloTXT you will find four menus which are displayed in the icon. These are namely; Post, My Feed and the remaining two are Settings and Networks. HelloTXT has a network section that allows the user to get into a social network. One can submit their personal details and gain access immediately. It is that easy and effective to use.

HelloTXT makes it very simple to send information to the preferred network. The procedure would be to type the message that needs to be sent out. The next step would be to choose or decide not to choose any of the networks they want. Finally, send the message using cyberspace. The option of choosing which network you want your message to appear is very good as it sends out the required information to the right target market.

HelloTXT has a very unique feature that can come up with a picture and have it included in the message. From your iPad or iPhone you can select a photo and mark it if you so please.

The HelloTXT has got very many different features but one very interesting feature is called the map feature. This feature can allow a user to mark the directions and locations on a map. This is a very unique feature.

On the other hand, HelloTXT has got many features that are still not yet very stable. As this app was being tested it collapsed a number of times. Some menu bars froze and were not effective. These are a few setbacks but as we all well know nothing is totally perfect and obstacles have to be turned into stepping stones.

HelloTxt is not suitable for those who use tweeter feed often as it does have certain functions that are very specific to tweeter. This is also a serious limitation as they are so many users of Tweeter internationally who would also love to use this app and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

You can feel welcome to go ahead and analyze HelloTXT. Its picture feature makes it an attractive option to go by. Though it is not mature enough to penetrate the market and compete with other social media apps. Some polishing needs to be done to ensure that HelloTXT cuts across all the social networks with ease but so far so good.

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