Gateway NV59C65u Laptop – A Unique Experience


Gateway NV59C65u Laptop – A Unique Experience

Gateway NV59C65u comes with this satin black colored laptop with unique features and functionalities. This laptop gives its value for money as it is said to be very economical yet at the same time one does not have to compromise with the features. The screen is 15.6 widescreen which provides a fantastic experience to the movie buffs and gaming addicts. The widescreen offers you a better resolution display when compared to the small screen laptops. The laptop is sleek and fairly weighted at about 2.6 kilos. The laptop has a processor from Intel family which has recently launched its set of processors- i3, i5 and i7. This laptop consists of the i3 processor which is perfect for a normal home and office use. The space provided for the laptop is quite large which comprises of 500 GB hard disk. This is a very large amount of storage space and one can store all the data he/she wants without compromising. Gateway has provided the users with a NVIDIA graphic card which is meant for the gamers and it enhances their gaming experience. The exact configuration of the graphic card is 1 GB of NVIDIA’s GT series. This is considered to be one of the best graphic cards available in the market.

Wireless experience is provided with two technologies. These days wireless internet has become common and Gateway NV59C65u understands it. This is why there is a wireless adapter in built in the laptop with which one can access the internet through Wi-Fi. Another useful technology included is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is useful in transferring small amount of data from one laptop to another and also to cell phones. The laptop is provided with a HDMI port with which you can connect it to the TV. The other feature in the laptop includes multiple card reader which can read up to five different cards. There are three USB ports available in the laptop. Gateway NV59C65u laptops use a six cell lithium ion battery pack. This battery gives an extended life of almost three hours approximately. Web cam and dual speakers are also included in the laptop machine. The webcam is supposed to be high resolution cam.

The keyboard is wide enough that one can notice a dedicated number pad provided in the laptop. The operating system provided in the laptop is from Microsoft and it is one of the most acclaimed operating system named Windows 7. It is one of the most successful operating system launched by Microsoft which provides an easy to use interface to the users and a quality experience.

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