The Heist: For Puzzle Game iPhone Fans


The Heist For Puzzle Game iPhone Fans

The Heist, the new iPhone application released on May 2011 by MacHeist and TapTapTap, recently went up the top of the TOP Paid application chart of the Apple Store. This iPhone application is a thrilling and impressive puzzle game which motivates users to patiently work on challenging and tricky puzzles and wait for more complicated mysteries to solve. It is actually a combination of four different kinds of puzzles that will help assist in the cracking of a certain vault. Each time a puzzle is solved, the lasers, security cameras and electrified bars go down one after another. Thus, the gamer get closer to the cracking of the vault.

The game starts with a phone call. This is a generated, prerecorded call from Sophia, a female agent who will assist in the cracking of the vault and will give encouragement as the game progresses. After Sophia quickly introduces the game’s story with her lovable voice, the gamer will be on his or her own. The game’s story is very precise. The gamer’s aim is to crack open the vault to expose the top secret inside. The prize behind the vault is not to be revealed to give motivation and excitement to the gamers. The only clue is that the prize behind the vault is actually worth ten times the price of the payment of this game. However, the vault’s resistance is very much strong which makes the game complicated.

To open the vault, the gamer will have to solve a lot of very challenging puzzles. There are 4 puzzles with 15 levels on four difficulties. That’s a total of sixty engaging puzzles. The first 3 to 4 levels are quite easy because it’s designed to make you comfortable with the mechanics of the game. As the level increases though, the level of difficulty also increases at a relaxed yet challenging pace.

The four puzzles are the Wooden Obstacles, Not Sudoku, Sliding Boxes, and Wired. All of these game modes will keep you entertained. The first puzzle, the Wooden Obstables, involves sliding wooden blocks out of the way and clearing the path for the electric object to get into the socket to complete a circuit. The second one, much like a Sudoku-style puzzle, involves putting stones with symbols in different colors on their respective places. One also has to make sure that each symbol will only occur once on the same vertical or horizontal line. The third one, the Sliding Boxes, involves sliding boxes to their required positions while avoiding the chance of being locked in a corned or in between boxes. Lastly, the Wired puzzle, is like playing a Rubik’s cube or the one where you slide the tiles to complete a certain picture. This is the most difficult among the four puzzles.

This may not sound so entertaining to most gamers, but for those who love to solve challenging and mind-boggling puzzles, The Heist is a must-have for every puzzle game fan. It is a special application with detailed graphics, smooth animations, and decent musical score. This application is worth $0.99 at the Apple store and it’s all worth it.

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