How Has Broadband Improved Technology


It’s hard to imagine how any of us functioned before the advent of broadband. Dial-up connections were slow and laboured, allowing access to the internet which was plagued by delays and difficulties. For businesses and domestic users the whole system frequently proved a nightmare, with broadband offering much needed solace.


Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds since the inception of broadband. Service providers have enhanced their packages to match this progression and some are remarkably good value for money having introduced Wi-Fi connectivity as an additional service. BT Broadband Deals are always worth looking at since they offer a range of options that will suit most internet users – domestic and business.

For those interested in the technological improvements afforded by broadband in the business world, international collaboration among scientists, doctors and designers has improved following the exchange of information facilitated by broadband; where faster connection speeds and increased stability are key features.

How Has Broadband Improved Technology


In 2010, the United Nations (UN) published its results from the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. The aim of this research was to increase broadband accessibility throughout the world and the report stated that its focus was dedicated towards ‘harnessing the power of the internet and other information and communication technologies’ with goals aimed to be met by 2015.

Many of their goals have been achieved and through Skype, email and social media most parts of the planet can now communicate with each other. This is because broadband has minimised the distances which used to make international dialogue so difficult.

Software Development

The expansion of broadband has also promoted the speed in which software developers can exchange information. Many of these developments can improve the lives of all citizens.

Broadband enters the lives of most of us, the house bound patient can arrange a doctor’s appointment over the internet, a school student can research their homework and most people use online banking to take care of their financial planning. Those who can’t type can interact through voice recognition and those who wish to post their latest research or thoughts can do so through the services of Word Press and other blogging services.

In the words of the UN, ‘broadband technologies continue to expand our horizons’.

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