Taking A Second Look At Usenet


Take a Look at Usenet

Although Usenet has been around for a long time, many people are not aware of its existence. The discussion characteristics are similar to web forums, except on a massive scale. The system is used by millions of people around the globe on a daily basis. Despite many experts predicting the death of Usenet through the years, there is no reason to think it will go away anytime soon. Usenet has stood the test of time since the early 1980s and should be here years into the future.

Why People Still Use Usenet

Usenet is different from the World Wide Web in a few basic ways. First of all, the kinds of people on Usenet tend to be more computer savvy than average Web users. Usenet is a decentralized discussion network with servers scattered all around the globe. The global server presence attracts a multinational and multilingual base. Users can read articles posted to newsgroups and reply when appropriate. There are over 100,000 active newsgroups. Most have a narrow focus of discussion. This format lends itself to discussions from experts in their field. The discussions are retained for years by premium Usenet providers. Long retention periods and expert involvement make Usenet an excellent research tool.

Usenet Compliments the Web

Both Usenet and the World Wide Web have distinct styles. Usenet can provide a welcome respite from the marketing soaked corners of the Web. By and large, content on Usenet is driven by intelligent people rather than the corporately controlled media machine. Most people on Usenet are helpful and considerate. None of this is to say anyone should abandon the Web for Usenet. They are both important subsets of the Internet that work well together to provide the most accurate picture.

Choosing a Usenet Provider

ISP’s used to commonly bundle Usenet access with their other services. These days are largely in the past. Most people now gain Usenet access by signing up directly with a Usenet service. Many services offer new members free trials. These trials provide the opportunity to test server quality without making a commitment.

Other important attributes include completion, retention, and security. Completion is represented as a percentage. A completion rate of 95% means that server should have at least 95 out of 100 articles posted. Search for a provider that provides a completion rate of at least 99%. Retention is how long a provider stores articles on their servers. Larger retention is better. SSL is the main form of security associated with Usenet. Search for providers that offer SSL.

Usenet is Still Relevant

Usenet offers unique features not found on the World Wide Web. It is filled with interesting people and expert discussion on a vast array of topics. Anyone unfamiliar with Usenet should consider trying it.

Michael Hunt is a writer dedicated to the finer technological innovations in life. Michael is an avid user of Usenet. Michael states “Usenet is an unmoderated, private, discussion and file sharing system for hardcore enthusiasts”. Michael highly recommends as your Usenet provider.

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