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In today’s modern world, it is becoming increasingly rare to come across a person who is not registered with Facebook, which is arguably the most popular social network. When Facebook first rolled out, it was common to find people who could sign up but remain very dormant. This situation has drastically changed to an extent where everyone is trying to be as engaging as possible, trying to keep friends, fan and subscribers updated. The only shortcoming is that quite a number of these people do not know how to be more engaging on Facebook; for them, as long as there is exchange of information, the interaction is complete!

Being more engaging on Facebook requires a lot more from you in terms of creativity, humor and even style.

Regular Updates
Updating your Facebook status regularly is the simplest, yet essential way of being more engaging on Facebook. People who create Facebook profiles but never log on frequently to update their fans is a clear sign that engaging with them is not a priority. Your fans will always appreciate regular and detailed updates on your status such that they are easily able to identify themselves with you. Posting both entertaining and informational content keeps your fans and friends completely engaged even when you are offline.

Use of Images and Videos
Although it did not initially provide the necessary tools for uploading video content, Facebook has in the recent past effected changes which foresaw the incorporation of video and audio sharing tools. Images and Videos are a more enthusiastic way of keeping your fans and friends engaged. For instance, you can grab the opportunity and share some of the new and all-time favorite videos. Images will give your fans an alternative type of content, which can keep your fans and friends not only entertained but also engaged.

Use video chat and other interaction tools.
Nowadays Facebook gives you the opportunity to make video calls to your friends and fans alike. Besides video chat, Facebook provides alternative forms of interaction such as sending direct messages and instant chat among many others. It is advisable to frequently organize both video calls and instant chat with your fans. You can then discus various issues like governance, politics and soccer. After doing this, it certainly won’t be long before your fans start applauding you for being so engaging. Keeping yourself engaged maintains and widens the number of your Facebook fans.

Run offers or promotions.
Although running special offers or promotions using on a Facebook page, is a strategy that has widely been adopted by small businesses to market their products, doing the same thing on a lesser scale is a sure shortcut to finding complete online engagement. Offers and promotions will please your fans and prompt them to refer your Facebook page to their friends. In itself, this is a way of increasing the number of your fans; a cheaper option is to buy Facebook fans cheap!

Create a catchy profile.
Facebook gives each end every one of its user equal opportunity to create an enticing profile. On your side, having a catchy and well laid out Facebook profile gives you a head start in being more engaging. There are numerous Facebook users whose attention is caught when they come across your profile. Pleasant, isn’t it?

Well, that is how to be more engaging on Facebook!

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