3 Tech Trends Impacting Recruiting In 2013


The economy may have had a few down years, but that’s changing. The National Association of Colleges and Employers is predicting a 13 percent increase in employment, meaning recruiters are going to be busy trying to fill positions in a number of fields. Like anything else, though, recruiting is changing rapidly. Several technology trends in 2013 will reshape the way that the recruiting process is handled. Below are the three most notable tech trends that 2013 will see.

1. Mobility
Perhaps somewhat predictably, the shift towards mobile devices is going to continue to play a major role in how recruiters get their work done in 2013. With more and more users converting towards smartphones and other devices as their primary form of communication, recruiters are taking steps to keep pace with the shift.

In many instances, this means phasing out methods of the past for what are actually much quicker recruiting tactics. For example, a recruiter who might have spent an afternoon calling numbers of potential candidates can send out a blanket message to matches for a position. In this case, a task that used to take several hours now only takes a minute, and a lot of the hunting that might otherwise go into recruiting is removed.

2. Job Boards Are Phasing Out
While once a central tool for recruiters and job seekers alike, job boards are already seeing a decrease in their usage. This is expected to continue through 2013 and beyond. Of course, this isn’t happening without cause. Top recruiters understand that job seekers are spending a great deal of their time on social media, and sites like LinkedIn represent the next wave of recruiting.

The replacement of job boards by social media and other tools means that recruiters can get a better look at an overall profile of a candidate. Rather than a traditional resume, which might omit some important details, a recruiter looking at a candidate’s social media profiles can get a holistic view of whether a candidate is a good fit for a position. This shift is also a boon for job seekers, as well, since they get more personal and direct communication with recruiters.

3. Tablets
Finally, one of the biggest technology trends that will impact recruiting in 2013 is the shift away from laptop computers and towards tablets. 2013 is the year in which many analysts expect tablet sales to finally outpace regular computers, and from then on the landscape for computer use will be dramatically shifted.

In the world of recruiting, this means the opening of many doors and the closing of a few. For recruiters who are simply trying to fill a large number of positions with candidates who meet the basic qualifications, the approach will have to change. Job seekers who sign up as part of a recruiting firm’s talent pool will need to be able to access a website that is tablet friendly.

For headhunters – recruiters who are targeting specific candidates for niche roles – the shift towards tablets also means a shift away from email as a primary form of communication. Although tablets handle email very well, they can be used in much more versatile ways. Recruiters can conduct interviews with tablet users via video chat, and documents can be quickly shared either remotely or in person.

The growth of technology can be hard to track, but for a recruiter it’s absolutely critical. Being behind in technology means being behind in attracting qualified candidates, which is self-defeating. By paying attention to these and other trends, recruiters can equip themselves for 2013 and beyond.

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Dan Woods works as a HR consultant and has helped define the Top 10 Best HR MBA Programs.

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