Preventing iPad Theft with “iPad Lock”


Preventing iPad Theft with “iPad Lock”Thousands of people have lost their laptops and netbooks, especially in public places, such as coffee shops, offices, restaurants and Wi-Fi hotspots. Luckily, you can find many third-party devices to keep your laptop secure, for example, with the all-too-familiar Kensington lock solution. The iPad in other hand is a highly attractive device with its slim size and exquisite design, and unfortunately these traits will make theft easier and more likely to happen.

Mac Locks is a company that is specialized in securing Apple devices such as Macbooks and Mac Pro desktops. It recently introduced the iPad Lock, which is consisted of typical security cable coupled with a special protective plastic case. The plastic case has its own lock to prevent someone from opening the case. To secure you iPad, you need to attach the security cable to the plastic case on one end and wrap the other end to something bulky or heavy, such as chair arm or bolted table leg.

The company claims that the case is unbreakable by normal means in public places. If the thief tries forcefully to break the case, there is a likely risk that your iPad will be damaged beyond repair; so obviously, there is still a chance that you will still lose your iPad even when it is fully secured with the iPad Lock. Some users may complain that the case looks less attractive than other iPad cases, but it looks durable and can physically protect the iPad from minor bumps and scratches. The case may not appeal to some users, but it could be useful to organizations, companies, educational institutions and even on places where people are asked to take surveys (such as, consumer satisfaction surveys on hotels or hospitals)

It seems that the company doesn’t have a plan to develop similar security products for other tablets. Developing a similar product for other tablets should be easy, the company only needs to adjust the case dimension and add holes for physical buttons, although some tests could be needed to measure the reception quality and shock resistance when the case is being used.

Unlike Kensington locks, you need to buy both the security cable and the plastic case to fully secure your iPad. The entire lock package costs you about $65, however you can buy the plastic case separately for $40. Overall, it is a good investment to protect your $600 device if you often bring it to public places. iPad Lock is currently available on in US and it is expected to be available in a year or two on authorized Apple resellers around the world.

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