Updated Version of Pulse App released for iPad


The developers of super hit News App Pulse, have released an updated version of Pulse app for Apple’s Tablet Device iPad. According to the developers, this new update addresses various issues and bugs which users were experiencing with the previous version of the app. The numbers of news feed have also been increased; now there are a total of 60 news feeds that are available to the users. With this new version, the users can now have more than 12 news feed on a single page of the App. The visual eye catching interface of Pulse App makes it possible for the developers to incorporate large amounts of news material together in a single pane of the App interface.

Well, among all the news Apps that are available on the iDevices, Pulse App is like a heart favorite among the users. This App basically allows users to organize news and stories which they desire for and have interest in. Users can now organize any type of news contents they want; moreover, users can flip through the news from across the world by just swiping their fingers across various news windows. In this update, the ability to organize the homepage is improved as well.

Stories that are being displayed on any particular page can be dragged around the App interface to place them according to the user’s interest or category. Other notable features include the added option and ability to read the news even when there is no internet connection is available.

Pulse App has indeed gained recognition among the App analysts and its success is very much evident by the fact that CEO of Apple Steve Jobs in a developers conference showed off the App on the stage. According to the App critics, the fact which makes Pulse App stand out against the other Apps of this category is the way the news is presented in this App. With its enhanced visual interface and performance and the option of choosing so many News contents within one page, it will be a real sought out battle for other news App developers.

Developed by a bunch of college guys, this App is sure to make more waves as its updates will keep on falling in. Pulse 2.0 is available on Apple App Store and the price tag of the App is $1.99; users already possessing the previous version will get the update free of cost. The developers of the App are Alphonso Labs.

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