Never Ending Rumors Cause Frustration For Apple Fans


Like many of us Chris Whitmore, an expert at Deutsche Bank Equity Research is waiting for the launch of the century. An iPhone 5 with a better camera and a new design with a new aluminum case with a much wider screen. On the other end Ashok Kumar who is an analyst for Rodman and Renshaw is quite firm in his belief that the new iPhone will have a better graphic silicon quite similar to that of the iPad 2. Gene Munster generously speculated the new generation iPhone. He believes that the phone will come with powerful voice recognisation software which will actually be integrated to a feature in the new device.

For many of us some of this is just old news that we have seen get revised over and over again with the passing months and I for one strongly feel that it has gotten most of our heads spinning. At times it just makes you go so absurd that you call out to God and pray this treachery ends soon and that for once in a long time you get to see what has gotten all of our emotions and insanity hay wired in such a way. Excitement for one is not a bad thing. In fact it is the hype that you create that makes people feel they absolutely want to see the phone and coming to the very major point buy it.

Just in from iPhone insider is more news claiming that the phone will have twice the amount of memory that was available in the previous iPhone namely the iPhone 4. It will possibly be around 1 GB. This is one of the most demanded items on the list of features that people hope they will be able to see on the iPhone 5.

Many other sources have confirmed that the phone will in fact have a Dual core Apple A5 processer and will be equipped with cloud and ISO 5. This is really something to get excited about out of all the things that have been announced for the iPhone. A major reason for this is that some of the very main functions will change giving the phone more credibility. The new processors will also insure that all applications on the phone are speedy and easily accusable without the extra hassle. It will simply be a clean start to a new end.

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