Reunion for iPad has Arrived


Reunion for iPad has Arrived

Reunion for Apple Mac is definitely the best ancestry program available today.  Now it has a version available for the iPhone, which functions very well, but the size of the display screen definitely dampened the joy of the app.  Now we have 1 for the iPad, a brand new application, built from the ground up to specifically make use of the features the iPad offers.

This application is a companion one for the Reunion app on the Mac, meaning that should you not have the latter you will not be able to use the first.  If you do have Reunion on your Mac already, then you can obtain Reunion for your iPad and then synchronize and update all of your Reunion files.  This new application allows you to show your Reunion information in a manner very suited to the iPad, and you are also able to share Family cards by means of email to the people in your family who do not yet have Reunion.

The idea behind this application is basically that Reunion becomes portable; you can take it wherever you go, look up data and then update your information on your iPad.  Once you return home you can sync all your new data to the Reunion on your Mac, and all the changes will be saved.  This actually works both ways, so should changes be made on the Mac or even on other iPads, when next you sync changes will be made in both directions.

One of the major additions this App provides that is surprisingly not available on the version for the iPhone is that you can now add photographs to your records in the same way that you can on your Mac, a feature which works very nicely in conjunction with the iPad’s Camera Connection Kit.

The Interactive Family Tree is really amazing, and will simply astonish you.  Once you select it in order to view it you will begin with your last viewed record, and are than able to navigate around it by means of your family, in order to move down as well as see the branches of various family members.  The Ages Display is also very well done, and you are able to see a detailed breakdown of each significant event that the person you select has lived through, as well as the age at which he or she experienced it.

Reunion for iPad has everything users could want, although it would be wonderful to see support provided for the iPad’s VGA connector so that users could do live presentations of the interactive tree at the next family reunion.

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