Proven Tips To Enhance Computer Performance: MS Windows


Proven Tips To Enhance Computer Performance: MS Windows
The Microsoft Corporation itself has prescribed certain tips that can enhance the performance of your computer.  You should know that without proper knowledge you should not tamper with any registry files. Some of the tips given below will be useful to run your computer smoothly without problems.

1. You need to clean up the disk errors. It has to be run at least once a week. There are possibilities of your computer creating errors and crashing because of power variations; it may also cause errors on the hard disk. There is a Disk Check program to clean them.

2. You must remove all temporary files as these files will slow down your computers performance. You must use the Windows disk Cleanup screen to get rid of these dead files.

1.In the Start menu, click My Computer.

2.In the My Computer dialog box, right-click the drive you wish to check for errors (for most of us, this is the C: drive, unless you have multiple drives on your computer), and then click Properties.

3.In the Properties dialog box, click the Tools tab. In the Error-Checking section, click the Check now… button. A Check Disk dialog box displays, as seen here.

The Check Disk dialog box

4.In the Check Disk dialog box, select all the check boxes. Click Start.

5.You will see a message box that says you can schedule the disk check to start the next time you restart your computer. Click Yes. The next time you restart your computer, it will automatically run through a disk check before displaying your login screen. After the disk check finishes, Windows will automatically bring you to your login screen.

Note: Check Disk can take more than an hour to check and clean errors on your computer.

3. Your computer might become sloppy if the files get broken.  Are you surprised! It happens as it tries to increase the access and retrieval. You should help the computer to save updates with enough space on the hard drive. If the files are in fragments the computer has to put them back together.

4. There is something called Desk Defragmenter program to put all the files together if they happen to get fragmented. There is a procedure for it. You need to start the menu and click My Computer, then go to properties, go further to the tool tab. It takes you to the defragmentation section, then click analyze.

5. After analyzing, a message is displayed giving you an option whether you should defragment your computer or not. It is a good idea to reduce the size of your webpage history; as otherwise it will slow down the computer’s performance.

6. Try not to save any encrypted WebPages. You will be increasing the space in your computer by saving fewer files.

7.      You can make your computer free of clutter and keep updating your computer to improve its performance.

8.      One of the most essential ways of keeping your computer safe is to install a virus scan program. It has to be up dated too!

9.      Another good idea is to run the Scandisk Program at least once in every two months.

10.  Highlight terms like ‘Except’, ‘explorer’ and finally ‘End Task’ to close the program.

11.  Do not forget to use a Firewall program. It keeps away viruses, hijackers and hackers away from your computer.

12.  You could even run a Spyware program. For this you need to be a little careful. You have to run a spyware checker at least once in a month or at any time you encounter any problems with your connection or the speed of your computer.

13.  If you have heard of ‘A hi-jacker search program’. It may change your home page into a different search engine page and there is also a possibility of it blocking some links to common search pages. So, you should be sure of what you are doing. Take expert advice before you do it.

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